A leading AI-Driven SaaS Company Adopts Snowflake to Drive Insights

About the Client 

The client is an AI Powered Clean Energy Digital Intelligence Platform Provider for Solar, Wind & Energy Storage. They have a global presence with offices in USA, Europe and India.

Business Challenge 

The client possessed a vast of database on their existing legacy systems. They aimed to migrate both historical data spanning several years of records and daily incremental records from Influx DB, Analytics DB, and central data from Microsoft SQL Server to Snowflake. Through the engagement with Kasmo the client sought to establish a flat reporting layer.

Our Approach 

Kasmo deployed a comprehensive approach that supported seamless migration to Snowflake while ensuring a hassle-free process with zero data loss for the client. Through our solution, we –

  • Designed pipelines to load full data from source systems to Snowflake.
  • Set up pipelines to load incremental data into Snowflake daily.
  • Ensured that the incremental pipelines have the capacity to handle limitless incremental loads.
  • Designed highly secure data pipelines with zero data loss.
  • Developed a low-code, user-friendly platform.
  • Designed an efficient metadata framework and configuration file mechanism that facilitates additions or deletions of columns from any sources, as desired in the future.
  • Eliminated data silos.

High-Level Solution Architecture 

Results Achieved

Through the engagement, our team of experts at Kasmo helped the client to successfully migrate 35M+ records to Snowflake within six minutes. The team also helped the client integrate data from three source systems to Snowflake. Some of the key results achieved by the client through the engagement were –

  • 70% Faster Reporting
  • One Single Source of Truth from across all source systems
  • Low Code and User-friendly framework
  • Reduced Cost by 30%

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