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Our Practice Overview

Customer service and overall experience are critical factors in determining a company’s success. Salesforce, a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution, gives businesses a 360° view of each customer.

Kasmo is the trusted partner in designing, implementing, and driving transformational Salesforce experiences. Our expertise with industry-led innovation is balanced with data-driven results, solving our clients’ most complex business problems, and is powered by our world-class global delivery.



Managing Demanding customer

Managing Demanding Customers

Managing demanding customers can be a challenging task for businesses. In the modern digital world customers interact through multiple channels and expect a seamless experience. Companies need to have a robust CRM platform and 360° view of customers to manage customer needs from smooth acquisition to build a strong loyal customer base.

Integration & Process Challenges

CRM integration can present several challenges related to data quality, technical complexity, and business processes. To overcome these challenges, businesses need to establish clear data governance policies, ensure technical compatibility and stability, and align processes and workflows across departments. By doing so, businesses can leverage the full potential of CRM integration to improve customer engagement, increase efficiency, and drive growth.

User Adoption Challenges

CRM platform adoption is a huge challenge. Businesses need to take several steps, such as simplifying the platform interface, reducing complexity and customization requirements, and aligning business processes and most importantly providing adequate training and support to employees. A Strong adoption will help businesses to leverage the full potential of these platforms to improve customer engagement, drive growth, and stay competitive.

Problems with implementation

360° View of Customer

Ensuring that the data in the CRM system is accurate, consistent, and up-to-date can be a significant challenge. Data quality issues arise due to errors in data entry, duplicate records, multiple channels or inconsistencies across different data sources. If the data in the CRM system is out-of-date, customers may receive outdated or irrelevant information, leading to poor customer experiences and reduced loyalty.

Our Offerings

Salesforce Advisory

Salesforce Advisory and Consulting Services

Kasmo's experts provide a complete range of consulting services that optimize your CRM return on investment, from strategy to roadmap and planning. Our comprehensive solutions help identify business requirements and suggest appropriate features, editions, and adoption strategies aligned with your business objectives.

Salesforce Implementation


Kasmo's implementation delivery strategy is agile and customized to meet enterprises' requirements, resulting in faster go-to-market releases. Our team leverages years of hands-on expertise and a thorough analysis of business needs to ensure effective implementation while adhering to best practices.

Data Lakes

Salesforce Managed

Kasmo offers managed services to assist businesses in managing their CRM operations, including 24/7 support leveraging our global delivery model. Our team continuously develops enhancements while providing support to adapt to changing business requirements in sales, marketing, and customer service.

Salesforce Accelerators

Kasmo’s Salesforce accelerators are pre-built frameworks that can help organizations quickly implement and optimize their Salesforce solutions. These accelerators are designed to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and improve overall performance, ultimately helping organizations achieve their business goals.

Key Salesforce Accelerators

Log enablement and maintenance

Log Enablement & Maintenance

Data Extension Path

Data Extension Path Finder

Custom preference center

Custom Preference Center

Data Views

Data Views

Email Campaign Management

Email Campaign Management

Auto suppressed bounced emails

Auto Suppressed Bounced Emails

Case Studies

Authentication Solution Provider improves it's scalability using Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Solution

Watch Manufacturer implements a single CRM solution to manage ecommerce, service and marketing

Kasmo Differentiator

The Kasmo Differentiator

Kasmo is a Salesforce Consulting and Appexchange partner with experience delivering large-scale, complex CRM implementations, allowing clients to scale to market demands.
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