End-to-end software development solutions to deliver quality and functionality

Accelerators are pre-built software components that are readily available to use and can assist in the development of custom software solutions in a faster manner. These components serve as fundamental building blocks for software development and provide solutions to prevalent business problems. Kasmo offers fully functional end-to-end solutions to address the most significant and commonly encountered use cases of the customers. 

Key Benefits of using Accelerators:

  • Tick-01
    Faster time to deployment
  • Tick-01
    Scalable to meet the organization's future performance demands
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    Solve prevalent business challenges
  • Tick-01
    Solutions that require little to no configuration

Salesforce Accelerators

Kasmo’s Salesforce accelerators are pre-built frameworks that can help organizations quickly implement and optimize their Salesforce solutions. These accelerators are designed to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and improve overall performance, ultimately helping organizations achieve their business goals.

Data, Analytics & AI Accelerators

Kasmo’s data accelerators and agile frameworks reduce the time between strategy and ROI. They help deliver future-proof data products quickly, enhancing quality and accelerating time-to-market.

Azure Data Factory Meta Data Driven Framework

ETL-ELT framework

ETL/ELT framework is developed to speed up development, save maintenance costs and streamline operations, low-code enterprise

New data sources additions

Addition of new data sources and pipelines with minimal or no configuration

Efficiency boost via configurable

Efficiency boost via Configurable task parallelization

Proactive operational Dashboard

Proactive operational dashboard with insight to reduce failures