FTD Infocom Secures Sales Process Efficiency with Kasmo’s Salesforce Expertise

Sales Process Efficiency

A success story on how Kasmo helped FTD Infocom address sales process bottlenecks and create consistent customer experience with Salesforce

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Need for a solution to address silos and bottlenecks in existing sales pipelines

The FTD team was encountering significant challenges with their current business processes, particularly in managing an inefficient sales process that was adversely affecting customer relationships. The existing sales workflow was plagued by bottlenecks and delays, leading to missed opportunities and a lack of responsiveness to customer needs. This inefficiency was not only hindering the sales team’s ability to close deals promptly but also eroding customer satisfaction and trust.

Without a streamlined system in place, sales representatives struggled with disorganized data, making it difficult to track leads, manage customer interactions, and follow up in a timely manner. The absence of real-time insights and analytics further compounded the problem, leaving the team unable to make informed decisions or predict customer behavior accurately.

Moreover, the fragmented nature of the sales process created a disconnect between different departments, leading to communication gaps and inconsistent customer experiences. As a result, customers often felt neglected or undervalued, which ultimately impacted their loyalty and the overall brand reputation of FTD.

Addressing these issues was critical for FTD to improve their sales efficiency, enhance customer relationships, and foster long-term business growth. By identifying and resolving the inefficiencies in their sales process, FTD aimed to build a more cohesive, agile, and customer-centric approach to sales, ensuring better alignment with their strategic goals and customer expectations.

Sales Process Efficiency


Team Kasmo conducted comprehensive workshops to gather requirements, identify problems, and explore the features of Salesforce Sales Cloud, ensuring solutions were delivered within the agreed-upon timelines. These workshops were designed to deeply understand the specific needs of the organization and to tailor the Salesforce implementation accordingly.

Sales Process Efficiency

The key areas of focus included:

Lead Management: Streamlining the process of capturing, tracking, and nurturing leads to ensure no potential sales opportunities were missed. This involved creating automated workflows for lead assignment and follow-up, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales team.

Customer Management: Developing a robust system for managing customer information, interactions, and history. This included consolidating all customer data into a single, easily accessible platform, allowing for better customer service and more personalized interactions.

Opportunity & Quotation Management: Enhancing the ability to manage sales opportunities and generate accurate quotations quickly. This involved automating the quotation process and integrating it with the sales process pipeline, ensuring consistency and reducing the time taken to move from opportunity to sale.

Approval Matrix: Implementing an approval workflow for various sales process such as discounts, special terms, and large deals. This ensured that all necessary approvals were obtained promptly, without delaying the sales cycle.

Meeting Management: Organizing and tracking all customer meetings and interactions effectively. This included scheduling, reminders, and follow-up actions to ensure that all customer engagements were well-documented and utilized to drive sales success.

Renewal Reminder Management: Setting up a system to manage and automate renewal reminders for ongoing contracts and subscriptions. This helped in maintaining customer retention and ensuring timely renewals, thereby reducing churn and increasing recurring revenue.

By addressing these areas, Kasmo was able to provide a holistic and efficient Salesforce Sales Cloud solution that not only solved the immediate problems but also set the foundation for sustainable growth and improved customer relationships.

Sales Process Efficiency

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