How Automotive Manufacturers Can Drive Value with Snowflake Manufacturing Cloud

Automotive manufacturers

Automotive manufacturers are navigating a confluence of challenges ranging from pandemic-driven disruptions to commodity and workforce shortages. Gaining full transparency of the manufacturing value chain is the key to thrive.  

The global automotive industry is moving in top gear in terms of technological innovations to meet the rising demand and changing customer expectations. Manufacturers in the sector must prioritize supply chain performance, operational efficiency, technological advancements, and customer experience to succeed in the long run. With the rising competition, automotive manufacturers that leverage the power of data will gain an edge over other players in the market.  

Snowflake Manufacturing cloud for Navigating Automotive Challenges  

Snowflake manufacturing cloud connects data, applications and services needed to enable automotive use cases at scale. The platform allows automotive manufacturers to seamlessly collaborate with partners, suppliers and customers and power data-led solutions to solve critical challenges.  

Optimize Supply Chain and Inventory Planning  

Automotive manufacturers have long relied on just-in-time supply chains to accelerate time to market and reduce inventory costs. Such demand-based supply chains create continuous streams of data that are stored in multiple locations. This makes supply chain optimization a complex process for automotive businesses. Siloed data prevents deep supply chain visibility and hinders opportunities to enhance processes. According to a recent McKinsey survey of supply chain leaders, 45% of respondents say they have no visibility into upstream supply chain, and many see only as far as first-tier suppliers.  

Snowflake enables secure cross cloud data sharing for manufacturers in the automotive sector across their partner, supplier and customer networks. As a result, they attain greater supply chain visibility, optimize operations, and promote collaboration with external stakeholders.   


Customer Experience – The key to differentiate 

According to a 2022 report from Insider Intelligence, 88% of consumers say the experience a company provides is just as important as its products or service. Earlier, automakers competed largely on their engineering capabilities. With the rising need to differentiate in order to retain customers amidst market competition, companies are increasingly focused on building unique customer experiences. With Snowflake, manufacturers can map data from multiple customer/ supplier touch points and gain deep insights on existing gaps. By addressing these gaps with accurate data, players in the sector can set themselves up for building exceptional customer experiences that translate to loyal customers in the long run. 

Powering Smart Manufacturing 

The concept of smart manufacturing revolves around incorporating data into every aspect of the manufacturing value chain. The data generated through each phase of the automotive manufacturing process is used to drive day-to-day operational excellence in real-time and undertake informed decision-making. With optimized storage and elastic multi-cluster compute, the Snowflake platform can accommodate large volumes of data generated from devices and the shop floor. This data provides can be used to derive a comprehensive view of operations and accelerate smart manufacturing in the automotive sector. 

Data driven decisions from Connected Devices 

Connected mobility has taken the automotive industry by storm. Every day connected vehicles generate petabytes of data. With such large volumes of data being generated continuously, automotive manufacturers are often challenged with bringing the right data sets together from multiple cloud or third-party systems. Furthermore, Auto makers must undertake root cause analysis (RCA) when problem code is surfaced by the car. For this, it is essential to ensure that data is integrated correctly from multiple data sets such as warranty, service, automotive manufacturing or supply chain records. Snowflake enables automakers to unify multiple datasets from connected devices, enabling faster and easier data analysis for proactive action.  


The highly volatile market conditions and rapidly evolving trends in the industry mandate the need to leverage data for automotive manufacturers. With the multitude of data generated across touchpoints, manufacturers need to invest in a powerful tool like Snowflake. Auto companies can ensure accurate data analysis, faster decision-making, and process efficiency using Snowflake.  


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