Scaling Talent – A CHRO’s Guide to Building a Resilient IT Talent Strategy

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a radical shift in the way organizations function. With an overnight shift to remote working and adopting new technologies to facilitate business continuity, going digital and providing remote working support became a necessity for companies around the globe. Fast-forward to today, it has significantly altered how we communicate, interact and engage at work. Remote and Hybrid work has become the new norm, while some companies are also exploring options to recall employees to offices. Hiring IT Talent during this transformative phase could be challenging considering the changing hiring needs from employers and evolving expectations of employees.  

The pandemic has also created new growth avenues for businesses, which translates to scaling talent and meet the growing business requirements. However, this is easier said than done. Achieving IT talent scalability comes with its own set of roadblocks that CHROs must navigate.  

Challenges Faced in Scaling IT Talent 

Recruitment bottlenecks 

Roadblocks in the hiring workflows could significantly slow down the recruitment process. Traditional hiring processes often result in recruitment and onboarding delays. This is one of the top concerns faced by most organizations while seeking to scale their workforce. At Kasmo, we enable hassle-free technology staffing for companies. From understanding your staffing requirement, candidate screening, training, to onboarding, our talent management strategy is designed to get you the right fit from the talent pool.  

Shortage of available talent 

Globally, 75% of employers are facing talent shortage. With the technology landscape rapidly evolving, the demand for qualified IT workforce is growing more than ever before. Talent shortages make it challenging for companies to scale up their workforce in the expected speed.  

Matching skillsets to requirement 

Finding talent for niche skillsets is challenging. Also, the rapidly changing technology landscape requires IT professionals to upskill and stay updated. Organizations are often on the lookout for workforce with skills that a up to date with the current trends and technologies. They often struggle with identifying the candidate that fits the bill. This is where a technology staffing partner like Kasmo comes to the rescue.  We undertake extensive pre-screening and qualification assessment using SMEs. We also conduct various skill and behavioral assessments during our recruitment process. 

Costly and time-consuming 

Hiring IT talent is a costly process, especially if organizations fail to hire the right candidate. There would be multiple upskilling and reskilling required in this case to bring the employee up to speed. This could eventually prove to be costly and time-consuming.  

Decentralized Hiring 

A common challenge faced by large organizations with presence in multiple locations is when hiring gets assigned to location manager rather than recruitment teams. This hiring strategy is autonomous and inconsistent and results in more problems than it solves. The hiring process could be subject to the manager’s judgment. Moreover, the bias in judgement could also limit the accuracy of hiring data collected to evaluate the candidate.  

How Kasmo can Help

Scaling IT talent is a big decision for organizations, and unless the right candidates are placed for the right roles, it could be risky. Working with a recruitment process outsourcing partner like Kasmo is an excellent way to take this burden off your plate. 

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?  

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a strategic business partnership where an organization outsources all or part of its recruitment processes to an external service provider. This involves the external provider, or RPO firm, taking responsibility for various aspects of the hiring process, such as candidate sourcing, screening, interviewing, and onboarding. RPO services are designed to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the overall quality of talent acquisition for businesses. 

Why You Should Consider Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) 

Here are some of the key benefits to an effective RPO in getting you the right talent: 

Reduced Time-To-Hire 

Hiring on your own is a slow process that limits your ability to scale IT talent fast. Relying on an RPO dramatically reduces the time to hire candidates that match your skillset requirements. Our agile hiring methodologies streamline the hiring process, reduces time to hire and ensures that critical roles are filled quickly.  

Cost Optimization 

Internal hiring team means higher costs in identifying candidates, interview and onboarding process. When scaling IT talent, the requirement is on a larger scale requiring companies to spend more if the process is done internally. Kasmo’s RPO services are designed to align with your budget, allowing you to expand or contract your team without breaking the bank. 

Quality of Hire 

Recruiters specialize in hiring candidates whose skillsets exactly match the hiring requirements. This means that organizations can focus on planning and other strategic initiatives while recruiters undertake all the activities including vetting candidate profiles, coordinating interview process, and successfully onboarding a new hire. For your business this means getting the right professionals who know how to get the work done and thereby increasing your overall productivity.  

Compliance, Regulation and Standards 

When hiring IT talent through recruitment process outsourcing, providers and generally up to date with the relevant laws and regulations that affect the hiring process. This includes employment law, discrimination law, and anti-protection law. This is useful for organizations looking to hire in US or UK, that have stringent data protection and privacy laws.  

Kasmo’s RPO Hiring Methodology 

RPO IT Talent hiring methodology

Kasmo’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services are designed to help organizations identify and hire IT talent with skillsets to match their unique job roles. From candidate discovery to onboarding, we provide hassle free recruitment process outsourcing services to clients.  

Our RPO services involve several key steps to ensure a seamless hiring process-  

  1. Initially, the assessment of hiring needs takes place by analyzing company size, salary structure, work culture, growth rate, and employee reviews. Our recruiters then clearly define job vacancies and candidate requirements, addressing team gaps and performance issues. 
  2.  Subsequently, a comprehensive job description is prepared, including details on job title, company information, core values, duties, qualifications, and location. 
  3.  This is followed by talent research involving internal and external promotions and engagement through job fairs and online portals.  
  4. Screening and shortlisting occur in multiple phases, evaluating applications based on qualification requirements and preferred credentials. 
  5. The interviewing process includes telephonic screenings, psychometric testing, and face-to-face interviews. The evaluation phase is crucial, measuring the eligibility, productivity, and competency of final candidates. In cases of zero candidates, references are checked, and exceptional job offers are made.  
  6. The final step involves onboarding and induction, where selected candidates become official employees after pre-employment screening and an orientation session on company policies and rules. 

 We assign designated SPOCs with a hiring team dedicated for each client. Our recruiters are skilled in identifying candidates with specialized technical skills, conducting various behavioral assessments for candidate screening, conducting interviews, and ensuring smooth onboarding and deployment to client locations.  

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