Copilot with Power BI

Copilot with Power BI


In the era of data-driven decision-making, organizations rely on robust business intelligence tools to unlock insights from their data. Microsoft Power BI has emerged as a leading platform, empowering users to visualize and analyze their data effectively. With the recent introduction of Copilot, an AI-powered feature within Power BI, data analysis has taken a significant leap forward. In this blog, we will dive deep into the capabilities of Copilot, exploring how it revolutionizes the Power BI experience, streamlines report creation, and assists users in extracting valuable insights from their data. 

 What is Copilot? 

Copilot is an AI-powered feature within Microsoft Power BI that enhances the data analysis and visualization experience. It serves as an intelligent assistant, leveraging natural language processing and machine learning capabilities to assist users in creating reports, generating insights, and exploring their data. 

How can Power BI Users Benefit from Copilot? 

With Copilot, users can interact with Power BI using natural language queries, describing what they want to see in their reports or asking questions about their data. The AI assistant within Copilot analyzes these queries, understands the user’s intent, and suggests relevant visuals, fields, and data transformations that align with their requirements. This eliminates the need for complex coding or extensive navigation through menus, making report creation more intuitive and efficient. 

 Copilot is an AI assistant that goes beyond report creation by generating insights. It suggests relevant questions and insights based on the data being analyzed, prompting users to explore their data and uncover valuable patterns, trends, and correlations. It also integrates with Power BI’s Smart Narrative feature, allowing users to request Copilot to generate a narrative about their data and automatically create a textual summary. Copilot continuously learns from user interactions and provides more accurate suggestions over time, becoming a valuable AI assistant for users. Overall, Copilot in Power BI empowers users to streamline report creation, generate valuable insights, and explore their data more effectively, enabling them to extract meaningful insights and make informed decisions. 

 Streamlining Data Exploration with Natural Language : 

Copilot revolutionizes the way users interact with Power BI by introducing natural language capabilities. Instead of relying on complex queries or technical expertise, users can simply type or speak their questions or requests using everyday language. Copilot understands the context and intent behind the queries and provides relevant suggestions, visualizations, and insights. 

 For example, a user can ask Copilot questions like “Help me build a Sales by summarizing our key metrics and trends” or “What are the biggest drivers for close” or “Show me sales by region on a bar chart” or “What are the top-selling products last month?” Copilot instantly produces visual representations, tables, or concise overviews derived from the data, eliminating the need for manual report creation and thereby saving valuable time and effort. It even offers suggestions for related questions or alternative visualizations, empowering users to explore their data from different angles. 

Sales Overview

How to use Copilot with Power BI?

  • Launch Power BI.
  • Enter a data-related query in the Copilot tab on the screen. For instance, you can ask “Which region exhibits the highest sales performance?” Alternatively, you can select from the pre-generated ideas provided by Copilot.
  • Relax while Copilot examines your data, conducting analysis to uncover the desired answers.
  • Copilot exceeds expectations by compiling an aesthetically impressive report that simplifies intricate data into easily comprehensible and actionable insights.
  • Explore your data further by posing additional questions, generating summaries to distribute to stakeholders, and engaging in other interactive activities.
Sample Copilot Report in Power BI
Sample Copilot Report in Power BI

Rich text summary feature in Copilot:

The rich text summary feature in Copilot enhances the data storytelling capabilities of Microsoft Power BI. It leverages the power of natural language processing and AI to automatically generate a textual summary that accompanies the visualizations in Power BI reports and dashboards. The summary captures the main findings, trends, and patterns present in the data, and highlights significant outliers, correlations, and noteworthy observations that might not be immediately apparent from the visual representations alone. It is adaptive and evolves based on user feedback and interactions, learning and improving its ability to generate more relevant and insightful narratives over time. This feature adds value to data presentations and enables users to communicate insights effectively to their audience.

Values Copilot Adds to Power BI Users:

By encouraging users to ask questions and explore their data, Copilot fosters a data-driven mindset and empowers users to uncover valuable insights that might have otherwise remained hidden. The AI assistance acts as a collaborative partner, supporting users in their quest for meaningful insights. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, Copilot continuously learns from user interactions, improving its ability to understand user queries and provide relevant suggestions. This adaptive intelligence ensures that Copilot evolves over time, becoming more accurate and valuable with each interaction. As a result, it continues to improve its accuracy over time. The most important aspect is that it saves time and can generate bespoke reports on the fly. Hence users can get answers to complex questions on the go and make decisions quicker.


Copilot enhances collaboration within organizations. Users can easily share their reports and dashboards with colleagues, and Copilot suggests options for sharing, access controls, and collaboration features. This facilitates seamless teamwork and knowledge sharing, fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making.

Copilot is a game-changing addition to Microsoft Power BI that will transform how users engage with data and develop insights. Copilot accelerates report production, stimulates exploration, and enables data-driven decision-making with its natural language interface, contextual suggestions, and AI help. As businesses increasingly rely on data to drive success, using the power of Copilot in Power BI unleashes the full potential of data analysis, allowing users to make educated decisions that determine their future.

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