Improving inventory planning using the Snowflake Retail Data Cloud

Improving Inventory Planning

Consumer companies and retailers face mounting pressure to effectively handle their supply chain amidst constantly shifting consumer behavior and various macroeconomic challenges. The demand to steer clear of surplus inventory and stock-outs, uphold order profitability, and swiftly address disruptions has reached unprecedented levels. These day-to-day challenges require adept management and strategic decision-making to ensure smooth operations in a dynamic marketplace.

Retail and consumer companies faced challenges like limited access to sales data and delayed order-delivery reporting, leading to issues such as excess inventory, slow turnover, and stock-outs. Profitability and meeting customer expectations require agile inventory management to respond to evolving demand.

Data Cloud-Driven Inventory and Demand Planning

Snowflake’s modern data cloud solutions utilize robust analytics to enable sophisticated inventory planning and collaborative replenishment, leveraging multiple demand signals. These solutions effortlessly integrate both internal and third-party data, including event information, weather data, and census-demographic details, to enhance forecasting precision based on various parameters like region, city, store, product category, or SKU. Consequently, supply chain stakeholders can readily detect consumption trends from promotions, proactively manage unexpected surges in demand, and address broader supply chain disruptions, such as freight bottlenecks or carrier limitations.

The following is the reference architecture which integrates the data from enterprise data sources such as  ERP, POS, Salesforce CRM and other third party data sources for  weather data and census and demographic details.

Inventory Analytics
Inventory Analytics

After harmonization, the data becomes accessible to analytics users and data scientists, offering valuable insights on subjects like split-shipment impacts or predicting inventory demand.

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