Kasmo is a digital boutique IT consulting firm focusing on Salesforce, Data, Analytics & AI, Digital and Industrial Engineering and Technology Staffing. Our comprehensive services encompass innovative solutions across various domains worldwide to achieve business transformation by leveraging on its industry insights and technology expertise.

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    Kasmo’s contingent workforce solutions are specifically designed to address immediate project needs by providing flexible staffing options and quick access to a highly skilled and diverse pool of talent, ensuring that organizations can meet their project goals and deadlines with ease. 

    We believe in forging deep partnerships and delivering outcomes by putting humans first and then Technology. To learn more about how Kasmo’s services can assist you, please complete the form to get in touch with us.

    Our Competitive Advantage: 

    • Our cutting-edge AI-powered talent solutions help identify highly suitable candidates, and our 24/7 recruitment engine provides global support to organizations.
    • We can help meet your technology needs by leveraging our in-house competency and pool our consultants to provide you with the best technical expertise.
    • We deliver unique and timely solutions to our customers by providing a quick turnaround time for niche skills.