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Workforce Tech

Workforce Tech is a HRMS software that streamlines your HR operations and elevates your employee experience. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive design, Workforce Tech makes HR management agile and effective. 

One of the key features of Workforce Tech is its Core HR simplification, which eliminates the need for manual and time-consuming HR tasks. With features like defining organizational structures, assigning roles and permissions, and managing the employee life cycle from onboarding to exit, Workforce Tech simplifies your HR operations, freeing up your time to focus on more important tasks.

Workforce Tech

Workforce Tech Benefits

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Core HR Simplification

Time and attendance system

Time and Attendance System


Actionable Insights

Insurance Analytics

Insurance Analytics

Insurance analytics is a set of business intelligence tools intended to assist Property and Casualty insurers in gaining insights into their operations and making data-driven decisions. The suite offers pre-built dashboards, reports, and analytics tools that are specifically tailored to P&C insurance companies and their functions. It is built on the widely-used Azure platform and utilizes various Azure tools including Data Factory, BLOB, Data Lake Gen V2, Snowflake, and Power BI. 

The Insurance Analytics suite offers several essential features

Insights Into financial

Insights into financial data

Accurate Risk Assessment

Claims Management

Claims management

Improvement By Performance metrics

Monitoring and improvement of performance metrics

Customer Insight

Customer Insights

Greenhouse Analytics

Greenhouse analytics aids organizations in the analysis of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions data, allowing them to gain a better understanding of their carbon footprint and identify opportunities to reduce their environmental impact.

Our product extracts data directly from your ERPs, travel, and reimbursement records and integrates your expenditure data with emission data. It then carries out the required calculations, providing you with the ability to accurately determine the source of emissions, measure them precisely, report them correctly, and ultimately reduce emissions throughout your organization. The most significant advantage of our product is that all of this can be achieved without the need for manual data analysis.

Green House Analytics

Greenhouse Analytics offers the following benefits

Clear and Precise Insights into your Organization's-carbon-footprint

Clear and precise insight into your organization's carbon footprint

Support and alignment with your decarbonization plan

Support and alignment with your decarbonization plan

Real time tracking of carbon component costs by asset

Real-time tracking of carbon component costs by asset

Talent Hire

Welcome to Talent Hire

Hiring candidates for any industry is a time-consuming task that involves numerous complications, from data access to interview scheduling. As a result, we have decided to streamline this complex process with our user-friendly platform – Talent Hire

Talent Hire Benefits

hiring process

Make Hiring a Hassle-Free Process

With Talent Hire, you can now easily access the right candidate's profile, making hiring a quick, simple, and painless process.

Cutting edge technology

Cutting-Edge Technology to Screen Candidates

Candidates can be evaluated based on their expertise in required skills, problem-solving abilities, and fit for your work culture.

Hire the best candidate

Hire the Best

Sort candidates who best fit the role from a pool of talented profiles using data analytics.