Salesforce Customer 360° for transforming your CX


A strategy that remains key for all global enterprises is customer experience. What customers want today is quick and easy access to products and services across digital touchpoints of their choice. According to research conducted in 2021, 44.5% of organizations worldwide revealed that they perceive customer experience (CX) as a primary competitive differentiator. With the technology landscape constantly changing, enterprises must stay abreast of the latest in the world of tech and leverage it to provide new-age customer experiences.

Whether it’s sales, marketing, or support, the common success factor – customer understanding. Every team must truly know the entire customer journey. What makes this necessary?

  • It helps understand customers better 
  • Powers data-driven sales and marketing strategies 
  • Delivering personalized experiences 
  • Extend valuable support

Drive business growth with Salesforce Customer 360°

Salesforce Customer 360° is an integrated CRM platform that enables businesses to enhance their CX by connecting customer data and departments. Customer 360° provides a single-window view of all customer data that can be accessed by everyone within the company. This shared view of customers provides crucial data that enables teams to make faster, smarter decisions. 

Beyond just a CRM, Customer 360° solution brings together various teams like sales, marketing, support, and analytics, enabling them to deliver tailored experiences and forge better relationships with customers.

The benefits of Salesforce Customer 360°

Salesforce customer 360° platforms

Source: Salesforce

  • Anytime, anywhere access to customer data as it is a cloud-based solution 
  • Unites teams, improves collaboration, and increases efficiency
  • Access to data empowers employees to make more informed decisions 
  • Helps teams respond to customer needs and queries faster  
  • Enables support teams to have more value-driven conversations 
  • Identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities 
  • The ability to integrate with third-party applications to derive more value

With this, businesses can cater to customer needs across touchpoints and deliver valuable experiences. With the right data and insights, conversations are more effective and personal, helping employees gain their trust, turning customers into brand loyalists. 

The integrated platform improves not just CX but employee experience (EX) too. Easy access to valuable data helps sales teams close deals faster, marketing to deliver more personalized campaigns, support to provide faster resolutions, and contribute to revenue growth by identifying opportunities. 

Understanding your customer, their behaviors, and their interest, with a 360° view can prove to be a game-changer for your business. With years of experience in areas like Salesforce advisory, consulting, Salesforce implementation, and managed services, Kasmo is helping businesses derive maximum ROI from their CRM. Talk to Kasmo’s Salesforce experts to know more about the integrated platform and how you can leverage it to boost revenue growth. 

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