Snowflake Data Cloud World Tour 2023 Mumbai: Understand the next wave of Data Cloud Innovations 

Snowflake Data Cloud World Tour 2023 Mumbai

Snowflake Data Cloud World Tour: The World of Data, Apps and AI Collaboration 

The Snowflake Data Cloud World Tour is coming to Mumbai on 12th of October, ready to shed light on the latest innovations and news from Data world. It is expected that this will be one of the biggest learning and networking opportunity for businesses and individuals working with data. The experience and feedback from the past tours reinforce this expectation. If you are passionate about data, analytics, and the future of cloud computing, this event will be something you would not want to miss out on.  

What is Snowflake Data Cloud World Tour

The Snowflake Data Cloud World Tour is an annual global event hosted by Snowflake, focused on collaborating with data in incredible ways. The event brings together data, technology and business leaders, industry experts, data professionals and customers. This is a unique chance to learn about the latest capabilities of the Data Cloud and hear directly from customers about their most exciting success stories and use cases. Industry experts, knows customers intimately from industry knowledge perspective and their inputs can be incorporated to craft a customer centric strategy for your business. Discussions will pivot around how the Data Cloud continues to break down silos and helps you better access and understand all your data, while ensuring governance and data privacy.  

Why attend?

  1. Discover:

The event provides the chance to learn more about the power of the Data Cloud with case studies, success stories and presentations by customers, partners and Snowflake teammates.  Discover new opportunities to collaborate with your business ecosystem and figure out how you can obtain value from the Data Cloud to an even greater degree. 

  1. Learn :

Make the most of keynote, breakout sessions and open forums featuring the biggest names from the data world. Learn about the Data Cloud’s next wave of innovations, including but not limited to: 

  • Generative AI and LLMs 
  • Snowpark 
  • Working with Apache Iceberg in Snowflake  

See how the Data Cloud’s limitless capability can bring data, compute, and ecosystem all together for AI / ML initiatives. Learn about the newest innovations to the Data Cloud and understand how Snowflake continues to redefine what is possible with data. Follow the stories from local customers, who make the best use of the Data Cloud to eliminate data silos and put their data to work securely, across their entire business to drive remarkable results. 

  1. Experience:

    The Snowflake Data Cloud World Tour is a massive ground to meet and network with individuals and organizations from different industries that make up the Data Cloud. You’ll find the chance to connect with peers, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations.  Make best use of this opportunity to solve your most pressing problems with expert assistance and meet ecosystem partners that can help you unlock value from your data.

  2.  Gain Insights into Industry Trends: 

Use this chance to gain deep and valuable insights into industry trends. The event will offer insights into the current and future state of data management, cloud computing, and analytics. This can help you position your organization for success. The Snowflake leadership team will share important details on Snowflake strategy and major upcoming plans that will help you plan new strategies that will align to the global trends.

Register now for the Snowflake data cloud world tour. Learn how Snowflake supports multiple types of architectural patterns, such as data lake, data mesh, and others for whatever your current and future data strategies require because This tour will provide you with many opportunities to learn, network and to stay ahead of the curve in the data world.

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