Understanding How Salesforce for Nonprofits Can Amplify Your Social Impact

Salesforce for Nonprofits

CRM systems are an integral part of most enterprises today, transforming critical functions including sales and marketing. If you’re wondering how Salesforce, a CRM tool, can help nonprofits – you are on the right page. We will deep dive into everything you need to know about Salesforce for Nonprofits and how it can help augment your mission’s success.  

Salesforce Nonprofit cloud is the first cloud CRM platform designed for Nonprofits, with all the critical CRM features that your organization needs. Over 8,000 customers globally are already a part of the Salesforce ecosystem. The platform helps them create a synergy between fundraising, marketing, promotional activities, programs, and grants. 

What is Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud?  

Salesforce for Nonprofits, a cloud-based CRM platform, utilizes cloud computing to help nonprofits in enhancing fundraising, boosting donations, and efficiently managing volunteers at no cost. The platform addresses common concerns faced by organizations such as financial constraints, limited staff, and challenges in security, privacy, and scalability. Many nonprofits opt for Salesforce due to its capability to centralize donor data, simplifying record-keeping and application management. 

Salesforce for Nonprofits

Salesforce Nonprofit cloud is designed to empower organizations in channeling their fundraising, program management, outcome management, case management to create greater impact. The Non-profit cloud is built on the platform’s core using the full power of the Customer 360 CRM platform and its latest innovations, such as Salesforce Data Cloud, Einstein AI, and CRM Analytics. 

This CRM tool encompasses a variety of solutions to enhance nonprofit functions, including: 

  • Fundraising 
  • Marketing & Engagement 
  • Program Management 
  • Grants Management 

Top Features of Salesforce for Nonprofits 


Donations and grants keep the nonprofit engine running. Getting greater results for your fundraising cause just got easier with Salesforce nonprofit cloud. Key features related for fundraising on the platform include: 

  • Flexible, community-driven grant-making solutions that evolves as the funding program evolves.   
  • Manage giving lifecycle for both organizations and individuals using fundraising portfolio 
  • Access to donor profiles gives you a holistic view of each donor and understand their interactions with your organization 
  • Gift entries to process gifts quickly and securely 
  • Tracking the effectiveness of marketing and communications efforts.   

Program Management 

Without efficient organizational software, managing your nonprofits’ projects and programs can prove to be challenging.  Salesforce Nonprofit cloud’s program management tools can help your team to collaborate and automate the tedious aspects of program management. The key features include the following –  

  • Seamlessly plan and manage programs and benefits 
  • Identify need and participant enrollment 
  • Track important metrics to enhance planning and reporting 
  • Manage funding and other key resources 

Case Management 

Delivering services to your beneficiaries and helping them meet their goals becomes easier than ever before with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. This is especially useful if you’re in the health and human services verticals. These empower your organization to –  

  • Create personalized care plans 
  • Create assessments and store information related to beneficiaries and clients 
  • Build an organized flow for referral, intake and enrollment 
  • Track tasks and meetings 
  • Monitor progress and assess the service requirements of individual profiles  

Constituent Management 

Track donor, volunteer, member, and partner information all in one place with Salesforce for Nonprofits.  

  • Gain a 360 view of all the key stakeholders associated with your mission and record all their interactions with your organization 
  • Manage individual relationships 
  • Tailor communication to resonate with target supporters 

Outcome Management 

This tool empowers your organization to better evaluate programs and services and undertake actions to improve. With outcome management on Salesforce Nonprofit cloud, you can –  

  • Define your outcomes, set targets and measure 
  • Collect data from program participant by creating assessments 
  • Analyze and report program success 

Other Key Features 

As an industry cloud, Nonprofit cloud Toolkit also provides several other benefits for users including –   

Omnistudio – Users can create industry-tailored experiences with drag and drop functionality.  

Actionable Relationship Center (ARC) – ARC is an interactive display that depicts the relationships among different individuals and between individuals and organizations.  

Identity Verification – You can verify identity before staff, volunteers or members access sensitive information.  

Person Accounts and Accounting Subledger – Person accounts help you visualize comprehensive details about a single individual. Accounting subledger is a feature that allows nonprofits to prepare fundraising information for accounting tools. This saves considerable time required for reconciliation processes.  


What are the benefits of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud?  

Scalability to Meet Changing Needs 

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud offers scalability and flexibility to meet the evolving needs and objectives of nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits can initiate their journey with Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) as the foundation and incorporate additional solutions as they progress and extend their activities. Furthermore, they have the freedom to tailor and adjust their Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud to align with their distinct needs and preferences. 

Cuts the Clutter 

Nonprofits often find themselves grappling with managing and tracking multiple activities including fundraising, grants, or workforce. Salesforce for Nonprofits lets organizations create and design customized workspaces for every individual or organization involved.  

Boosts Operational Efficiency 

By easily tracking and measuring outcomes, the workforce can dramatically increase their operational efficiency. Accurate data and organized processes help to achieve targeted goals within set timeframes.  

Expert & Reliable Support  

With Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, nonprofits can seek help wherever and whenever needed. Whether it’s technical support or dashboard guidance, the partner program ensures swift access to assistance, empowering you to efficiently address all your inquiries. 


Final Thoughts 

Regardless of the size or nature of your nonprofit, having a clear understanding of your organization’s operations enables you to progress with a strong vision and strategies. Today, Salesforce has emerged as the trusted partner for several organizations worldwide, helping them to stay informed about their operational activities by delivering accurate and timely information. By embracing Salesforce for your nonprofit’s operations, you too can stay updated and thrive. 

Kasmo, a ‘Salesforce Crest Partner’ has helped some of our global clients in the nonprofit industry accelerate the success of their mission and create greater impact through the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud.  

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