Achieve Data Excellence with Kasmo’s Data Quality Solutions Accelerator


In the realm of data-driven decision-making, data quality is the cornerstone of organizational success. The precision, comprehensiveness, and dependability of datasets hold the key to achieving business objectives. A glaring data quality gap comes with a hefty price tag—businesses face an annual average cost of USD 12.9 million due to data quality issues, as revealed by Gartner.

Kasmo introduces its transformative Data Quality Solutions Accelerator, a catalyst for organizations aspiring to thrive in this dynamic landscape. The Data Quality Solutions Accelerator is designed to bridge the gap between data quality aspirations and tangible results. The technical prowess addresses the financial toll of poor data quality, enabling organizations to operate on a higher plane of accuracy and efficiency.

At the heart of the solution lies a commitment to optimizing data quality. Through meticulous implementation of data quality standards, best practices, and governance frameworks, the Accelerator empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions with unshakeable confidence. The result? Enhanced operational efficiency, minimized compliance risks, and a definitive competitive edge.

The Kasmo solution does not stop there. We assist the organization to maintain a healthy culture of quality by building the Data Quality Centre of Excellence Team that serves as the guiding force that ensures data accuracy, consistency, and reliability across the organization’s operations.

Key Features:

The Solution Accelerator tackle the following challenges like:

  • Data Silos: Inconsistent data standards and integration challenges across varied applications by harmonizing data from varied sources with unmatched precision, and ensuring a unified data ecosystem that fuels operational synergy.
  • Data Migration and Legacy Systems: outdated formats, structural inconsistencies & absence of data governance frameworks in Legacy system data migration by employing techniques to surmount outdated formats and structural inconsistencies.
  • Poor Data Entry and Manual Errors by deploying automated validation processes to eliminate inaccuracies stemming from human-induced errors.
  • Data Quality Scheduling: Ensures ongoing data accuracy through automated assessments, Diverse checks and insightful reporting.
  • Integration with ETL Processes prevents subpar data from entering systems.
  • Preventive Data Quality: The DQ CoE collaborates with stakeholders, initiates projects, and sets rules to pre-emptively address data quality issues.
  • Proactive Data Quality: The CoE drives continuous improvement, adopts advanced methodologies, tools, and aligns business and technical requirements to enhance data quality proactively.


  1. Consistent Data Brilliance: The Data Quality Solutions Accelerator ensures unwavering data quality standards throughout your organization. By harmonizing practices and guidelines, you’re equipped with accurate, reliable, and consistent data. This foundation empowers informed decision-making, driving operational efficiency to new heights.
  2. Proactive Precision: Say goodbye to data quality concerns snowballing into major issues. Our Accelerator actively identifies and resolves data quality challenges before they escalate. With preventive strategies in place, errors are minimized, preserving the integrity of your data and minimizing the impact on business processes and outcomes.
  3. Resource Excellence: Strategic allocation of resources becomes effortless. By centralizing expertise and tools, redundant efforts are eliminated, resulting in Significant cost savings, optimal resource utilization, and a streamlined approach to enhancing data quality.
  4. Insightful Data Empowerment: Unleash the true potential of your data with our Accelerator. By ensuring the accuracy and reliability of data used for analytics and reporting, you’ll experience a surge in accurate insights. This empowers your business intelligence efforts, leading to informed strategic planning, innovation, and sustained growth.


In the dynamic landscape of data-driven decision-making, Kasmo’s Data Quality Solutions Accelerator emerges as a transformative force. Data quality stands as a cornerstone for organizational success, and Kasmo’s solution serves as a bridge between data quality aspirations and tangible results. With meticulous data quality standards, proactive governance, and an unwavering commitment, the Accelerator empowers businesses to make confident, informed decisions, unlocking operational efficiency and a potent competitive edge. From dismantling data silos to preemptive quality measures, Kasmo’s solution redefines the possibilities of data excellence.

To embrace the power of Kasmo’s Data Quality Solutions Accelerator, organizations step into an era of data brilliance. The Accelerator not only curbs the costs of poor data quality but also paves the way for a future sustained by unwavering data accuracy. From consistent standards to proactive precision, the solution enhances resource allocation and empowers data-driven insights. To learn more about how Kasmo can revolutionize your data quality landscape, reach out to us at sales@kasmo.co. Our experts are ready to address your inquiries and guide you towards a future where data becomes a strategic asset.



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