Card payments Re-enabled By Heroku In India

Card payments Re-enabled By Heroku In India

Heroku has announced that payments from Indian issued cards will be re enabled from August 2023. Credit and debit cards issued by Indian financial institutions ceased to be accepted as a mode of payment from August 2022. This step was taken to make some vital amendments to meet the Reserve Bank of India’s requirements to prevent cyber fraud, security breaches and ensure card holder safety especially on Card– not– present (CNP) transactions.  
This change was made mainly for recurring payments and to allow cardholders to create e-mandates through additional factor of authentication (AFA) using 3D Secure (3DS).

3DS Authentication
Image source: blog.heroku.com

Developers in India were eagerly waiting to get back on the platform and posted extensively on the GitHub public routemap for Heroku, regarding their concerns about the discontinued payments and requesting to solve this issue to continue with their projects. 
Instead of just enabling this functionality in a dashboard Heroku worked towards creating comprehensive support for 3DS and establishing e-mandates for users, which involved a lot of planning and prolonged efforts. 
3DS is an online security protocol used to authenticate the user, prompting a user to use dynamic authentication methods such as biometrics or token-based authentication such as one-time passwords (OTP) to confirm their purchases. 
This provides an extra layer of protection for payments & transactions in card-not-present scenarios. It is designed to allow a cardholder to authenticate their identity to prevent payment fraud & unauthorized transactions.

Notification for Authentication
Image source: blog.heroku.com

Enabling 3DS allows Heroku to charge the payment method on file for Indian customers while the user is off session. Not just adopting the RBI regulations, utilizing 3DS also allows Heroku to meet the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements in Europe. 3DS support is already rolled out to all EU, UK, and Australian customers on Heroku platform. The plan is to monitor this rollout and expand the security 3DS provides to Heroku customers in additional countries. 
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