Boosting ROI With Personalized CRM-Centric Advertising And Digital Marketing Strategies

Making the most of your CRM: Advertising and Digital Marketing with the help of Salesforce

New studies reveal that 72% of the customers expect the businesses they engage with to recognize them as unique individuals and communicate interesting and relevant details with them. 96% of the India respondents in the Salesforce State of the Connected Customer report shared that being treated as unique individuals plays crucial role in building customer trust.

To satisfy these newly shaped demands of the customers, marketing and advertising campaigns have now shifted their focus and orientation from a “product- first” approach to a more personalized approach, where the brands or businesses pay more attention to the individual and unique needs of their target audience.  You can successfully leverage the Salesforce software to develop an effective marketing strategy that can engage your customers on a deeper level. The first party customer data stored is a goldmine of information that can be utilized to successfully craft personalized messages and advertising experiences. 

CRM system today is much more than just a system to collect, store, organize and analyze customer data. Salesforce CRM software works as a main information hub for customer related processes that unite the sales, service, commerce, IT, analytics, and marketing. With the help of Salesforce, you can manage marketing campaigns, identify sales opportunities and contact information all in one convenient location. It is also possible to make data about every customer interaction accessible to anyone at your company who might need it – to deliver a seamless and connected experience.

Use of Salesforce in advertising and digital marketing

Salesforce can be successfully used to:

1. Get a better idea of the target:

Salesforce groups customer data to create segmented groups based on previous transactions, browsing pattern, purchasing behaviour, demographics and other data. Access to this clear data lets you define your target audience in clearer ways and helps produce marketing material that resonates with your audience more strongly. 

2. Ensure cross-team alignment:

Salesforce helps ensure alignment of different teams such as sales and marketing. This helps them function as a unit, share important data and customer information and streamline all areas of the customer experience. 

3. Automate routine tasks:

Salesforce can automate routine administrative duties, which will speed up other time-consuming tasks or help to focus on higher priority work. Automation can cover data entry, contact record updates, sending follow-up messages, creating and managing workflows, conversations with chatbots and much more.

4. Plan your campaign better:

Salesforce CRM digital marketing uses a 360-degree view of the customer, including but not limited to browsing habits, social media activity, online purchase history, and other major indicators. This crucial data lets you understand the customer on a deeper level – including their behaviour, goals, pain points, and difficulties – and help create targeted marketing campaigns that are custom made to meet your audience’s demands.

5. Create personalised content on different channels:

Using the data provided by a CRM system, you can create a great content strategy which can deliver customised, specific content and offers across channels.

For example, you can use first-party data from Salesforce in email marketing campaigns to – 

  • Change content in real-time, Create customer-specific CTAs, Set up segment-specific email sequence

    While creating specified ads, Salesforce CRM data can be used to inform activities related to –
  • Promoting highly targeted campaigns, Featuring relevant ads for a target group, Retargeting customers with ads based on their browsing activitiesIn social media marketing, Salesforce CRM data helps in –
  • Keeping a tab on platform-specific customer engagement activities
  • Creating on-point, topical and unique content based on customer interest


6. Reply to customers promptly:

A good CRM system lets the employees access client data in real-time enabling them to respond to inquiries. Employees can respond to the clients anywhere and at anytime.

7. Measure your performance:

With Salesforce, you can gain real-time insight into the customer’s reaction or response to your content. You can also utilise analytics to assess the content strategy impact and plan the changes to make in future campaigns. This real-time and data packed evaluation of advertising effectiveness helps you understand the campaign performance and optimize the new campaigns.

An effective advertising and digital marketing strategy is based on accurate and relevant customer data and analytics. This helps enhance personalisation, and positively impacts the outcomes of campaign

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