Is Your Data Governance Strategy Prepared for Data Explosion?

Data Governance Strategy

In today’s data-driven world, organizations are struggling with the challenges of managing fragmented data, processing their data manually, and governing their ever-growing data assets. Snowflake, a leading cloud data platform, has introduced Snowflake Horizon, a comprehensive data governance tool that addresses the risk of traditional data governance strategy and provides a single platform for managing data across the enterprise. Snowflake Horizon provides a unified set of capabilities for data compliance, data security, data privacy, interoperability, and data access control. These capabilities of Snowflake are designed to enhance data governance for organizations that include: 

Benifits of Snowflake Data Governance Solutions

Data Governance Strategy: Benefits of Implementing Snowflake Horizon  

1. Simplified Data Governance: 

Snowflake Horizon revolutionizes an organization’s data governance strategy by providing a centralized platform. This facilitates seamless monitoring of data assets, ensuring compliance and secure utilization. Partnering with Snowflake, Kasmo provides a simplified snowflake Horizon implementation approach by eliminating the need for multiple tools and complex processes. Our implementation strategy ensures that data governance tasks are streamlined, reducing complexity and enhancing the overall operational efficiency. Leveraging the capabilities of Snowflake Horizon, Kasmo further automates essential data governance functions, including data classification and tagging. This not only simplifies tasks but also significantly improves efficiency, empowering organizations to focus on strategic initiatives. 

  • Meta data management  

Meta data management is an important element of data governance that helps users extract valuable information from data. Meta data management is used to classify data, define documentation standards, manage data access and discover data for effective data governance. Using snowflake’s advanced features organizations can set their meta data standards. This involves establishing consistent naming conventions, data types, and constraints to ensure uniformity in metadata documentation. 

Snowflake offers the following frameworks for metadata management: 

  • Schema and object level: Provides details about databases, tables, columns, views, and more. 
  • Lineage and provenance: Tracks data movement across pipelines, transformations, and workflows. 
  • Tags and comments: User-defined annotations enables adding context and meaning to data assets. 
  • Access control and security: Audit logs and security policies regulates data access and usage. 

2. Enhanced Data Security: 

Kasmo plays a crucial role in strengthening data security by partnering with Snowflake and utilizing robust features to implement security measures. This includes the integration of role-based access control (RBAC), encryption protocols, and data masking, collectively establishing a defence against unauthorized access and potential threats. Additionally, Kasmo’s approach focuses on proactive data breach prevention by enabling continuous monitoring of data access and activities. This ensures the timely identification of potential security threats, enabling organizations to implement preventive measures against data breaches.  

Row level security features of snowflake help organizations to restrict access of specific data to specific person. This ensures users only see information relevant to them, minimizing unauthorized exposure to confidential information. 

Column level security features of snowflake controls what users can see. Through dynamic data masking, sensitive data like credit card numbers or Social Security numbers can be replaced with generic values depending on the user’s permission level. This reduces storage requirements for masked data and follows data privacy regulations like HIPPA and GDPR. 

3. Improved Data Privacy: 

Our innovative measure like differential privacy involves adding controlled noise to data for secure analysis without revealing individual details. Additionally, we offer effective de-identification tools, adding an extra layer of protection to sensitive information. These tools make it easy for organizations to execute data analysis while ensuring the utmost privacy for users. 

4. Increased Data Quality: 

We help organizations quickly spot and fix data errors, ensuring high accuracy and consistency. Our collaboration extends to providing data cleansing tools, optimizing datasets for better decision-making. With Kasmo’s comprehensive suite, businesses can maintain a consistently high data quality standard throughout their analytical processes. 

5. Enhanced Interoperability: 

Kasmo enables smooth data integration from various sources through Snowflake tools. Our implementation strategy is focused on eliminating data silos, promoting interoperability through Iceberg Tables for effortless data flow across different platforms and systems. This collaborative approach empowers organizations to fully leverage their diverse datasets, driving innovation and maximizing the overall value extracted from interconnected data sources. 

6. Increased data compliance: 

We aim to elevate compliance for organizations through a comprehensive set of capabilities.  Kasmo ensures efficient data governance by providing robust tools for data classification, meticulous data lineage tracking, and stringent access control mechanisms. By leveraging these capabilities organizations can establish and maintain compliance with regulatory standards. Furthermore, Kasmo helps organizations to generate detailed compliance reports, showcasing adherence to regulatory frameworks.  

 7. Reduced TCO: 

Our approach streamlines data management and eliminates the need for multiple tools and complex processes. This enhances operational efficiency and minimizes resource requirements for managing diverse data tasks, ultimately reducing TCO. Additionally, Kasmo ensures organizations benefit from the cost-saving advantages inherent in Snowflake Horizon being a cloud-based solution. This eliminates the necessity for substantial investments in hardware or software infrastructure, allowing organizations to allocate resources more efficiently and achieve a cost-effective data management solution. Furthermore, Kasmo provides flexibility by offering organizations a variety of pricing options within Snowflake Horizon. This tailored approach allows organizations to choose the pricing model that aligns best with their specific needs and usage patterns, further optimizing costs associated with data management. 

Recent Innovations in Snowflake Horizon:  

  • Iceberg Tables: Iceberg Tables brings the power of open-table format to Snowflake, enabling organizations to seamlessly integrate data from various sources and leverage a combined data governance framework. 
  • Snowflake Data Quality Monitoring: This feature helps in monitoring data quality issues proactively, ensuring that data remains accurate and reliable for making decisions. 
  • Differential Privacy Policies: Snowflake Horizon introduces differential privacy, a technique that protects individual data privacy while enabling valuable data analysis. 
  • Granular Data Classification: Snowflake Horizon enhances data classification capabilities, allowing organizations to categorize and manage data based on sensitivity levels and regulatory requirements. 
  • Snowflake Trust Center: This centralized security hub provides a complete overview of an organization’s security posture, enabling users to identify and rectify potential risks. 
  • Snowflake Data Lineage UI: This visual representation of data lineage helps users understand the origin and flow of data, facilitating data discovery and impact analysis. 
  • Enhanced data classification: Horizon includes enhanced data classification capabilities that help organizations identify and classify their sensitive data. 

Snowflake Horizon empowers organizations to effectively manage, secure, and govern their data assets. By addressing the shortcomings of traditional approaches, it simplifies data governance processes, enhances data security and privacy, and promotes data quality and interoperability. As organizations navigate the complexities of the data landscape, Snowflake Horizon stands as an indispensable tool for achieving data-driven success. 

Kasmo, as a trusted Snowflake partner, plays an important role in assisting organizations to harness the full potential of their data. We assist organizations to maintain a healthy culture of data quality and ensure data accuracy, consistency, and reliability. Kasmo enables businesses to make informed decisions, drive efficiency, and unlock insights that fuel business growth. 

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