Data+AI Summit

Kasmo Data+AI Summit

Top experts, researchers and open source contributors from Databricks and across the data and AI community will speak at Data + AI Summit. Whether you’re an engineering wizard, ML pro, SQL expert — or you want to learn how to build, train and deploy LLMs — you’ll be in good company.

Kasmo, a digital IT consulting firm and a Databricks partner, seamlessly merges their customer-centric and people-first approach with a highly skilled team of over 200 professionals. We empower clients to embark on transformative digital journeys by leveraging our expertise alongside Databricks’ cutting-edge solutions. Our team would be delighted to meet you at the upcoming data+ai event, where we can discuss how our collaborative efforts can drive innovation and success in your digital transformation endeavors.


    Why attend?

    Join thousands of data engineers, scientists, analysts and leaders to explore all things data, analytics and AI — and their unification on the lakehouse. Hear from the data teams who are transforming their industries. Learn how to build and apply LLMs to your business. Uplevel your skills with hands-on training and role-based certifications. Connect with data professionals from around the world and learn more about all Data + AI Summit has to offer.