Exceptional Customer Service with Salesforce Field Service Lightning

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Field Service Lightning (FSL) or Salesforce Field Service, is a platform extension of Salesforce Service Cloud that allows organizations to have a comprehensive view of their workforce. Its real-time collaboration features allow field agents, dispatches and employees to better automate and streamline their daily processes. As an organization that provides installation, repair and maintenance services for customers, it may often become cumbersome to manage and monitor order requests and assets, while ensuring that the best service is provided to the end user. More organizations are looking at adopting cutting-edge platforms like Salesforce Field Service that provides the company and the customers with a seamless, omnichannel experience. Adopting FSL provides companies the ability to augment their on-field service by having a single view of their customers, products and agents.

Let’s look at the critical players on an FSL platform.

Admin: Admins do the basic setup in field service with the appropriate customizations needed for each organization. 

Customer Service Agent: The agent’s responsibility is to attend service calls, narrow down customer problems into the right categories, and create work orders specific to on-field agents

Dispatcher: They manage, schedule, optimize, and dispatch service appointments service appointments for the end customer 

Technician: They are responsible for attending work orders, and performing the required service, completing work orders, tracking any service parts they purchased or used and creating a summary report of the service. 

A typical process for a work order is:

Step 1: Work Order Creation 

Step 2: Appointment Booking

Step 3: Assigns Technician

Step 4: Technician completes work

Step 5: Generates a service summary report

Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) platform


Benefits of Field Service Lightning

Quick work order creation: FSL not allows dispatchers to create work orders with the click of a button but also provides information on the product/service and answers to compliance-specific queries. FSL stores information about accounts, case histories and a lot more, with its end-to-end overview.  

Seamless schedule creation: It facilitates intelligent service appointment booking , and helps dispatchers find the right agents for the job, after taking into consideration parameters like skills, distance to service location, availability, and a lot more. The smart scheduling feature allows organizations to maximize agent productivity and efficiency.

Omnichannel job management: The Field Service platform also has an app that provides on-field agents with the right tools and information required to provide exceptional customer service

Identify the right spare parts: Field Service platform’s in-built Einstein AI allows employees to pick out the assets and parts that are required to complete a job. It uses cutting edge image identifying technologies to pinpoint the tools needed to complete a job, which in turn allows field agents to provide quicker, accurate service.

Streamline Workflows: The Field Service platform provides managers and supervisors with real-time visibility on agent productivity and allows for better workforce management and measurable KPIs.

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