How Salesforce Automotive Cloud Drives Sales Success

salesforce automotive cloud

Salesforce Automotive Cloud: The Future of Automotive Sales 

According to a report by Statista, it is estimated that pure battery electric vehicles will account for about 7.4 percent of worldwide car sales in 2025. To help the manufacturers, dealers, OEMs alike operate through a unified platform, Salesforce has created an innovative solution. Introducing: Salesforce Automotive Cloud. 

This solution is designed to optimize sales processes, inventory management, and service management. The Salesforce Automotive Cloud enables automotive companies to focus on providing more personalized experiences tailored according to individual customer needs, enhancing business operations and faster innovations.  

But what trends can help businesses maximize revenue and enhance customer interactions? Let’s find out: 

Approximately 73% of customers expect personalized experiences from automotive companies. Businesses can follow some of these popular trends in the Automotive Industry to cater to such high demands: 

salesforce automotive cloud

Features of Salesforce Automotive Cloud 

To efficiently automate the data collected from the consumers and put them into use, the features of Salesforce Automotive Cloud play a crucial role. Here’s how: 

Automotive Data Foundation:

Maintaining the integrity of data while securely sharing with partners or management is crucial. Now share vehicle or customer information securely with Salesforce Automotive Cloud. It allows businesses to control access to the data. This platform helps in building trust and with the customers. 

Driver Console:

This feature in Automotive Cloud culminates all the customer data and categorizes them automatically. It becomes easy for the dealers and the manufacturers to analyze these insights and create a better customer journey. This data analysis helps in creating alerts which helps the customers notify them about any important update. It can also help the automotive team to reach out to that consumer, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction. 

Automotive Lead Management: 

It is crucial that automotive businesses do not lose out on high-value clients. To help them keep track of their purchasing journey, this automotive cloud uses smart algorithms and AI to build a tailored insight for them. This analysis consists of identifying the customer’s preference, location, brand interest and how the business can provide service to the customer quickly. Creating an efficient routing helps businesses acquire more deals. 

Household Management: 

With Salesforce Automotive Cloud, all the information regarding their vehicles can be collected through this platform. With this large bundle of data, it is possible to tailor promotional offers, related to the different models of vehicles. It allows businesses to enhance their customer loyalty. A satisfied customer will help the business generate more leads by word-of-mouth; thereby maximizing revenue. 

Vehicle Console: 

It is known that before and after acquiring any automobile, there are numerous paperworks that need to be completed; and in the automotive industry, these paperworks are crucial. To help the professionals in the automotive industry keep track of these paperworks, the Vehicle Console abolishes the tedious process and makes it easy. 

With effective segmentation of vehicle details, warranty information, delivery reports and more, this auto cloud frees up a lot of time for the employees. They can now reach out to consumers easily, resolve their problems and make their customer journey smooth. 

What can Salesforce Automotive Cloud do for you?

Here are some benefits that you can get from using Salesforce Automotive Cloud:

salesforce automotive cloud

What can Kasmo do for you? 

At Kasmo we partner with Salesforce to deliver the best services to our clients by helping them implement the Salesforce Automotive Cloud. Here’s what we offer: 

  1. Extensive Documentation: Provide a rich repository of ready-to-use documents for efficient implementation. 
  2. Industry Expertise: Our experts possess deep knowledge and experience in the automotive industry. 
  3. Comprehensive Guides: Offer detailed guides with in-depth information on Salesforce Automotive Cloud. 
  4. Tailored Solutions: Customize solutions specifically for the automotive industry, utilizing reusable components to deliver modular and flexible solutions. 

To simplify the complex dealer onboarding process, we have created a user-friendly process with dynamic features to upload and save important documents. With Kasmo’s pre-delivery inspection form, automotive businesses can streamline and optimize their pre-delivery inspection.  

This form is easy to navigate, as it has a user-friendly interface with guided wizard-centric approach. With a 360-degree coverage intuitive process, attach documents, leave comments and store inspection records securely. 

As a proud Salesforce Crest Partner, we have helped businesses achieve optimum business outcomes from their Salesforce investment. Our successful implementation of Salesforce in the EV industry has enhanced customer experience, optimized revenue and increased vehicle value.  

salesforce automotive cloud

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