Improve your Business ROI by Leveraging Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Increase ROI with Salesforce marketing cloud


Businesses reported a 451% increase in qualified leads after implementing marketing automation. It comes as no surprise that there has been a steep increase in the number of businesses that have adopted marketing automation tools like Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 

Marketing Cloud helps businesses manage how it interacts with its present and future customers by optimizing marketing processes, crafting effective communication through multiple channels, and planning, implementing and tracking marketing activities on a single platform. In this era of fierce competition, the success of businesses solely depends on its relationship with target customers. Company leaders need to glean sufficient insights about the changing market trends and customer fads and customize their brand strategy to reflect this. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help in this regard by enabling businesses to have an end-to-end view of customers. It helps personalize the right message for individual customers, based on the stage of the customer relationship. It also includes features pertaining to web personalization, management of customer journeys, content creation data analysis, and advertising. This ensures that customers are handheld with personalized recommendations every step of the way.  

Salesforce Marketing Cloud includes the following tools:

Audience Studio: Formerly known as Salesforce Data Management Platform (DMP), Audience Studio helps enterprises unify all data from any source to deliver more personalized marketing experience. It also allows users to discover insights, identify a prospective customer base, and scale your audience 

Journey Builder: Allows users to map customer journeys right from the get-go to the very end, by leveraging behavior-based goals and personalized interactions. It also integrates with Salesforce’s Service Cloud and Sales Cloud, so that there is a single source of truth for all information. 

Datorama: This tool helps collate all different data from various sources into a single place, and organizes it into dashboards that can help users gain the right insights from it. Analyzing data from Datorama is a breeze since the unified view and intuitive UI provides superior user experience. 

Interaction Studio: This tool helps customize customer interactions in real-time to increase brand loyalty and improve customer retention. It helps deliver tailored experiences to customers by integrating and understanding the data and leveraging it to improve interactions. 

Pardot: It is a B2B lead generation and nurturing platform that allows businesses to measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and tweak it based on engagement insights. It also allows marketers to understand customer behaviors and personalize the right content and communications to the target audience.

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