Your essential guide to Salesforce AppExchange

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A leading enterprise cloud marketplace, Salesforce AppExchange, helps enterprises maximize their Salesforce CRM potential. With 4000+ solutions available on the Salesforce AppExchange repository, enterprises can leverage these apps into industry sectors and departments of their choice to extend Salesforce applications and achieve business outcomes.

Why leverage Salesforce AppExchange?

With over 8 million installations, Appexchange apps help drive enterprise-wide business transformation. 100% of The Fortune 100 companies and 86% of all Salesforce customers have installed at least one solution and swear by it.1 Salesforce AppExchange has an array of apps and expert consultants that facilitate enterprises to deep-dive into challenges and overcome them.

  • Ready to deploy 3rd-party applications – Find pre-built solutions that are the perfect fit for specific enterprise department needs
  • Templates to enable the creation of no-code apps and industry solutions – Pre-built components that aid enterprises in building their own custom apps
  • Certified Salesforce consultants – For customized apps, hire experts to help develop them on the Salesforce platform.

The app store has an extensive list of applications that span across a range of industries and categories, helping enterprises solve business challenges and accelerate growth.

What are Salesforce AppExchange solutions?

The solutions in the Salesforce marketplace are categorized based on 2 areas – how the apps are built and how they are managed.

Based on build: The apps built and hosted on the Salesforce platform and called Native apps while those built outside and integrated using Salesforce API are called Non-Native apps.

Based on management: Complete, ready-to-install solutions that are optimized by the providers of the app are classified as managed packages and those that are open-source solutions, a base on which functionalities can be added, app can be customized, managed and optimized by the customer are the unmanaged packages.

Benefits of AppExchange

The right fit: Pick a solution that addresses your problem with the help of user reviews that aid in zeroing-in on the right app.

Easy development: With a host of pre-built templates and building blocks to choose from, application development is quick and easy. With AppExchange, enterprises can seamlessly create and deploy custom applications.

Economical: Whether it’s free apps or paid ones, there is no hassle of making investments in improvements or maintenance as they are all 3rd-party apps managed by providers/developers.

Domain-specific benefits

  • Extend CRM capabilities to enhance customer service through features like SMS and live chat by backing agents with all required customer information to drive intelligent conversations.
  • Automate and simplify excel sheets for easy, error-free finance operations.
  • Fruitful employee training through unique modules crafted for each department, with the ability for HRs to track progress.
  • 360-degree view of inventory, orders, manufacturing, and reporting for effective shop floor management.
  • Ensure on-time project deliveries that rate high on customer experience with specialized project management applications.

These are just a few among the range of applications and benefits AppExchange provides enterprises, enabling them to automate tasks, address business challenges and win big on their Salesforce investments. For more information on Salesforce, reach out to Kasmo’s certified experts.

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