Salesforce Service Cloud – A Quick Guide

Salesforce Service Cloud illustration

For a business of any kind or size, customer relationship is one of its cornerstones. Keeping customers satisfied, however, may not as easy as we think. With the plethora of options available for any product or service right at their fingertips, it would take serious effort on the part of organizations to convert a one-time customer into a brand loyalist. One of the common ways to provide optimal customer service is with the use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. Salesforce Service Cloud is a SaaS-based CRM solution that provides a host of customer solutions for businesses of any size.

Salesforce Service Cloud is a full-cycle customer service solution that works both as a help desk for enterprises and as a customer service platform. With its self-service portals, service console, and dashboards, Service Cloud provides top-notch support and case resolution services for enterprises.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud:

  • Ease of managing customer queries: The advanced cloud-based features of Service Cloud allow customer service agents to respond to customer queries from anywhere in the world through the chat interface. From solving customer problems through their mobile devices to reporting a completed service on a tablet or smartphone, Service Cloud has it all.
  • Quality of service provided: Service Cloud has many unique functionalities like routing customer queries based on language and geography, a pop-up displaying customer information before a CS executive speaks to them, centralized customer information for better access, to name a few.
  • Omnichannel support: Customers can choose their mode of communication when resolving queries. Customers expect to receive reliable updates through a desktop interface, online chat with a CS agent, or an AI-based chatbot

Salesforce Service Cloud also has a variety of add-ons for organizations to streamline operations and get the most out of their investment in Salesforce. Some of the more common ones are Field Service Lightning, Service Cloud Einstein, and Digital Engagement. Regardless of the size of the business or the sector, it operates in, providing the best customer service is vital. Salesforce Service Cloud can help you up to your game and provide the right support to your customers. Talk to an expert at Kasmo to know more about implementing Salesforce Service Cloud.

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