How can implementing Salesforce CRM help SMBs?

Salesforce for SMBs illustrations

Salesforce is undoubtedly the leader in the CRM space today. Many of the leading global businesses like Google, AWS, Toyota, American Express, Hershey’s, and Spotify swear by the Salesforce CRM. This is owing to the platform’s customizability, scalability, integration capabilities, and the availability of an array of add-ons and applications. Salesforce benefits businesses across an array of industry verticals and more importantly businesses of all sizes. 

While many large businesses have adopted this CRM platform, Salesforce caters to the needs of Small and Medium businesses (SMBs) as well. With the Essentials plan starting as low as just USD 25 per month, Salesforce aims to serve startups and SMBs with an affordable, scale-as-you-go model.

Why should SMBs adopt Salesforce CRM?

Whether it is a large established business, SMBs, or start ups, the end goal is focused on growth. A factor that plays an integral role in ensuring growth is customer success. Salesforce provides SMBs an opportunity to work on the #1 CRM platform from the start and leverage new-age technologies like AI automated updates that are built-in features.  

Additionally, Salesforce provides enterprise-grade security and enables accelerated growth by providing ongoing support. Salesforce also has its own app ecosystem that helps you do more and maximize benefits on your investment. 

Another factor which makes it SMB friendly is that it is economical. Since it’s a cloud-based CRM platform, businesses don’t need to make huge capex on server architectures. Customizable, scale-as-you-go and pay-as-you-go models make it affordable for SMBs as they can pick plans and only opt for the tools that they need. 

Salesforce for SMBs – Benefits of CRM for small businesses

The CRM helps SMBs fuel growth with tools that enable:

  • Smarter marketing 
  • Enhanced sales productivity 
  • Improved customer retention 
  • Automation 

This helps in efficient management across all stages of the sales pipelines to help close deals and score higher on customer satisfaction. Better lead management and personalized marketing help sales agents improve customer interactions and add more value to engagements. Additionally, AppExchange, Salesforce’s very own app store enables easy integrations with third-party applications and extensions to cater to business-specific needs.

Investing in a CRM

If implemented right, CRM investments can prove to be a valuable asset that can help SMBs fastrack their journeys on the road to success. No matter the size of the business or industry, customer relationships are indispensable. Especially for startups and small businesses, customer engagements and retention play a crucial role in their success story as customers are one of the most important marketers of any business. 

Great customer reviews and word of mouth are cornerstones of any business and form an integral part of successful business strategies. Getting started on Salesforce early gives you an edge over your competitors to improve on customer engagements, grow the sales pipeline, and manage leads at all stages effectively from the very beginning, making your CRM investment a linchpin of success. For more on getting started with Salesforce and its benefits, talk to our certified experts.