Salesforce: Adapting to a post-pandemic world

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As the world grapples with the aftershocks of the global pandemic, businesses worldwide have had to rethink their game plan and adapt to today’s normal. Digital strategy adoption was at an all time high and enterprise leaders reinvented their business to include adaptable and resilient initiatives. To augment business in their post-pandemic strategies, customer engagement tools like Salesforce CRM have been updated to include new capabilities.

Let’s explore a few ways in which Salesforce CRM has adapted to the new normal. 

Work.com: This was a platform that was introduced to help organizations make their back-to-work strategy smoother and safer..  Features like Command Center, Contact Tracing, Emergency Response Management, Employee Wellness, Shift Scheduling were just few of the capabilities that Salesforce introduced so that their customers could help their employees return to work and overcome bottlenecks in terms of their health and safety. 

Commerce Cloud Solutions: Salesforce introduced a full suite of inventive solutions that would help their customers adapt in a digital-first world. It helped both B2B and B2C businesses scale quickly and keep up with the unexpected surge in online demand in 2020. Direct to customer models like subscription models and curbside pickup had become the safer option for everyone and Salesforce helped their customers grow scale efficiently. The four solutions under this umbrella were Quick Start Commerce for D2C Consumer and Essential Goods, Quick Start Commerce for Grocery and Food Service, Quick Start Commerce for B2B, and Quick Start Commerce for Buy Online and Curbside Pickup. 

Service Cloud Voice: Remote work has become the norm with the advent of the pandemic. Salesforce’s Service Voice Cloud helps enterprises with a unified customer experience channel that combines all the data from phone, digital channels and CRM into a single platform for easy remote access. It even provides additional features like call transcription and recommendations on next steps for the customer care executive when dealing with a challenging customer problem.

Service Cloud Workforce Engagement: This product aims at creating a flexible and dynamic work environment that will help team leaders organize their employees schedule and allocate work to them based on their area and level of expertise. It will have a unified workspace that delivers personalized customer service and improves time taken to resolve customer concerns. It includes features such as Service Forecast, Omnichannel Capacity Planning, and Personalized Agent Engagement.

The pandemic was a much needed boost that many organizations needed to foray into the world of digitization. Organizations must focus on building resilient processes, and adjusting strategic initiatives to navigate this turbulent environment is crucial for business success. Kasmo Technologies offers efficient Salesforce implementation business customized to help your business succeed. Talk to us today to know more.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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