Salesforce trends shaping the future of work in 2021

Salesforce trends shaping the future of work illustration

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Businesses have been charting their digitalization journeys and working towards transformation for the past few years. The pandemic forced an unexpected change, pushing organizations to make the changes planned to practically happen overnight. Digital went from option to ‘new normal’, the only way to stay afloat. 

To enable business continuity, remote workforce management,  and support all things from work-from-home to e-commerce deliveries,  businesses had to scale infrastructure and switch to a virtual work model. Customers changed too, becoming more digital-savvy as digital-first was the only way to go. 

Digital transformation became more imperative today than ever before. Companies all over the world did not just switch to remote work but went all out to go digital and connect with their customers across all touchpoints and build a lasting relationship. Salesforce was one among the many companies that showed record growth during the year of 2020-21, delivering $21.25 billion in revenue, up 24% year-over-year. The investments in the CRM platform reflects on how focused enterprises have been in their customer engagements. 

The pandemic was merely a catalyst in the digitalization world and has changed the way enterprises work forever. Let’s take a look at the role Salesforce will play in the future of work and the way enterprises conduct business. 

  • Customer-centricity : It was established well before the pandemic and continues to take center stage, customer experience. In the digital-first world, for enterprises to stay ahead of their competition, customer experience will have to be the very core of businesses strategies. Today, customers are getting increasingly savvy with technology and are constantly demanding new-age experiences across touchpoints. To stay connected and provide personalized experiences, the 360-degree customer view that Salesforce CRM enables will help improve engagements and drive growth.
  • Employee-centricity: Just like CX, another integral factor to the success of businesses will be employee experience (EX). In the coming years, investing in EX will be just as integral as customer and employee experiences are intertwined. Employee experiences will enable collaboration, innovation, creativity and more, helping businesses deliver unmatched CXs. Curating the best experiences for employees will not just drive productivity; it will help bring in the best talent, provide a competitive edge,  and accelerate revenue growth. With Salesforce, CX and EX are both catered to with ease, ensuring high ROI.
  • Leverage intelligence: AI is changing the digital world. Enterprise leaders are investing in AI-based solutions to leverage data in real-time. With Einstein Analytics, Salesforce brings the power of AI to help enterprises make smarter, data-driven decisions. Integrating AI with Salesforce will help enterprises collate and analyze large volumes of data, derive insights, and exploit these inferences to boost sales and performance.
  • Marketing automation: Another factor that hugely affects enterprise growth is marketing. With customers demanding tailored digital experiences, businesses must enhance marketing efforts to cater to new-age customer needs. Focussed campaigns, better customer engagements, and highly targeted digital marketing efforts are important aspects of a successful strategy. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the CRM platform created for marketers to deliver on marketing strategies through in-depth analysis of personas and personalized messaging. 

Whether its customers, employees, or businesses, with Salesforce, stakeholders across the value chain benefit immensely. To maximize on Salesforce investments, customize the platform based on business needs, and enable successful implementation on the first go, partnering with a Salesforce expert is highly recommended. To get in touch with our certified experts, click here.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]