Must-have Salesforce tools to boost your ROI

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In today’s economic climate, organizations are constantly on the lookout for next-gen technologies that can help them optimize business strategy, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and increase ROI. How can Salesforce CRM improve your ROI? Adopting Salesforce can help in this regard with features like insightful reporting, multi-tenant architecture, and customizable platforms. 

Although Salesforce has a deluge of tools that can maximize productivity, it can be made more efficient by integrating it with other tools, based on your business requirement. The best Salesforce integration tools offer detailed reports and intelligent analysis, to power data-driven decision making. It also helps data interoperability and streamlines workflows within the organization. 

What are the must-have Salesforce tools to boost your ROI?

Let us take a look at some of the top-rated Salesforce integration tools that could help your organization: 

  • Tableau

Tableau is a visual analytics platform that makes it easier for businesses to explore and manage data with its customized dashboards and visualization features. It also analyzes business data and provides insights to understand your customers better.

  • Sumo Scheduler

Most employees are bogged down by the multitude of emails and calls they manage on a daily basis. That’s where Sumo Scheduler comes into the picture; it transforms customer interaction with its scheduling features. This helps the Salesforce administrator focus on more productive work that benefits the business.

  • Conga

Conga helps users in improving their data management and gain better insights by creating simplified documents, presentations, and reports from customized client data. It retrieves data from the Salesforce platform to create documentation in business-specific formats. 

  • Ebsta

Ebsta bridges the gap between Gmail and Salesforce as it helps in synchronizing Gmail and Google calendar using Salesforce email templates. It automatically examines every activity like emails, meetings, and calls, to gain engagement. You can track and gauge customer wants and needs to enhance prioritization.

  • AeroLeads

AeroLeads is a cloud-based sales intelligence and prospect generation solution that eases prospect generation by automating the process of finding relevant prospective clients with relevant details. It is considered one of the most powerful real-time email finding tools.

You can find the verified email of the prospects, in real-time, just by entering details like name, job title, location, company detail, LinkedIn URL etc.

In Conclusion

Whether you are a SME or MNC, the benefits of integrating tools to your Salesforce are multifaceted. To get the most out of your Salesforce implementation and boost your ROI, use Salesforce integration tools that best fit your requirement. They can increase team productivity, promote collaboration between employees, create a positive customer experience, and support lead conversions. Kasmo offers a range of Salesforce solutions that can be custom-fit for the needs of your business. Drop us a line to know more. 

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