Is Salesforce Revenue Cloud the solution your sales team needs to close deals faster?

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Sales cycles require a quick generation of quotes based on the unique product configuration requirements. Configure, Price, Quote Software, popularly known as CPQ has been around for a while but has been gaining popularity over the years. The reason? Sales process optimization.

With the competition between enterprises constantly on the rise and clients looking for a solution that is tailored to suit their needs, a one-size-fits-all product strategy doesn’t cut it in today’s B2B SaaS world. This also means that sales teams need to create quotes based on every customer’s unique product configuration choices.

That’s where a CPQ solution comes into play. Salesforce Revenue Cloud is the sales tool that is simplifying and accelerating the entire sales process by enabling easy pricing for any configuration. The easy-to-use platform helps sales teams create accurate quotes, quickly.

Salesforce Configure, Price, Quote software

A CPQ solution enables sales reps to focus on the most important aspect, selling, by simplifying other processes:

  • Preprogrammed set of rules to automate quote generation, taking into account all unique client configurations
  • Integrates with existing CRM and ERP to integrate data for accuracy 
  • Generation of quick and error-free quotes

Configure: Configure complex offerings to suit unique customer needs

Price: Pricing customized for each unique buyer

Quote: Accurate, personalized, error-free quote

How does Salesforce Revenue Cloud make this possible?

By simplifying the processes, Salesforce Revenue Cloud enables sales teams to focus on delivering true value to customers. By taking into account all aspects ranging from specific features to customizations, quantities, add-ons, and discounts, the solution generates a quick, and error-free quote that can be used by the sales reps. This reduces time wastage, eliminates manual sales quote reviews, and ensures accuracy as well.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud seamlessly integrates with existing Salesforce CRM solutions, adding greater value to sales teams by providing all customer data in one location. This increases efficiency and revenue growth opportunities. It also brings together various other departments
like finance and legal, breaking internal silos, setting a uniform standard, and enabling transparency.

With its built-in Artificial Intelligence capabilities, the Revenue Cloud also analyzes the market, each customer, and their buying patterns, to understand their needs and how much they are willing to pay. This helps businesses and sales agents price right and not lose out on revenue opportunities.

No matter how complex the product and its possible configurations, Revenue Cloud empowers sales reps to respond quickly to customers with accurate quotes, creating a better rapport with customers and enabling a positive experience as well.

The benefits of Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Salesforce cpq users report a faster sales quote process
Source: Salesforce

With Revenue Cloud, sales agents are able to overcome multiple challenges:

  • Eliminates the need to surf through millions of spreadsheets to put together a quote with the right pricing
  • No manual review cycles
  • Prevents any inaccuracy or errors of promising configurations that are not viable
  • Ability to operate and quote at scale
  • Dependencies on legacy processes and incapacity to leverage business solutions powered by new-age tech like AI
  • Easily recognize upsell and cross-sell opportunities

The solution has a huge impact on overall business profitability and customer experience. Here’s what Salesforce Revenue Cloud is making a reality for enterprises globally:

  • +33% faster quote generation
  • +19% increase in upsell opportunities
  • +38% reduction in errors
  • +25% rise in sales team productivity

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