What is B2B & B2C Commerce Cloud?

For businesses to succeed in the current times, it’s critical to adopt a digital-first approach. Buzzwords like digital marketing and online retailing are changing the game’s rules in favor of technology. This is where e-commerce suites like Salesforce Commerce Cloud enter the scene, enabling businesses to keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital commerce landscape. This explains the immense popularity of the two arms of the Commerce Cloud – Salesforce B2B & B2C.

Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud


Built within the Salesforce Lightning Platform, Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud gives a 360-degree view of customer insights by connecting the business’s CRM with its commerce data. It empowers businesses to embrace a cloud-first approach and supports website personalization with industry-specific elements. Its offerings include:

  • Omnichannel availability.
  • Self-service storefronts.
  • Stock and distribution optimization.
  • Actionable sales insight for improved sales.

For attractive economics, businesses can save time and money using self-service tools and guided experiences. The out-of-the-box BI and product configuration capabilities deliver enhanced sales and marketing experiences.

B2C Commerce Cloud


The primary goals for a business when it goes digital are a streamlined product order lifecycle, an omnichannel setup for customers to connect with the support team, seamless and robust digital payments for enhanced shopper experiences, and a strong presence in online social channels. Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud delivers all these essential and nice-to-have B2C e-commerce features. The platform supports the launch and management of all B2C e-commerce brands, sites, geographies, and devices from a single, unified framework for easy scaling of operations.

Despite the differences between the Salesforce B2B & B2C business models, both platforms offer multiple features to support seamless engagement, personalized communication, and unmatched customer service. We, at Kasmo, are a leading Salesforce Commerce Cloud consulting and implementation partner that helps mid-sized and small businesses across industries to optimize their digital commerce arm. Our tailored implementation and customization of the Commerce Cloud enable enterprises to achieve visibly improved operational efficiencies. To learn more about how we can allow your business to leverage the Commerce Cloud for the best results, talk to an expert at Kasmo today.