What is Tableau CRM: An AI Marketing Tool?

Einstein Analytics, renamed Tableau CRM, was among the first AI-based features to be made accessible to consumers by a vendor in 2016. Salesforce is among the foremost suppliers to provide these capabilities. Ever since Salesforce has enhanced the integration of the accessible capabilities of Einstein Analytics into users’ day-to-day work situations and increased the number of available features, these improvements apply to consumers in the marketing, sales, as well as customer support departments.

Tableau CRM is a platform that runs on the cloud. It was once known as Wave Analytics but has now been relaunched under its current name. Data exploration, visualization, and gaining insights for business are all accomplished with the help of Einstein Analytics. Since Einstein Analytics is native to Salesforce, it is safe and scalable to match the ever-evolving demands of the organization. Through the app exchange, we can add new features to analytics.

When analyzing massive and complicated datasets, Tableau CRM provides more in-depth insights than those offered by pre-built dashboards and reports in Salesforce CRM. Reports & dashboards have shortcomings, but now with analytics, we can ingest data from Salesforce and other external sources into the databases where analytics saves the information.

What it has to offer-

  • Gain insights on the most critical business indicators in real-time, monitor how well your company is performing, and use this information to guide your choices regarding the next best steps to take in your sales and marketing endeavors.
  • Find out the primary factors that influence the behavior of consumers, as well as the sales channels wherein customers engage.
  • Increase the value of your customers and your additional revenue.

Sales executives, managers, and representatives can analyze the data using pre-designed dashboards explicitly made for Sales Cloud data. These dashboards allow users to slice and dice the data to a personal record level. It provides the responses that are necessary for everyone in your sales organization to be able to make quicker and more intelligent choices.

A sophisticated Revenue Grid-guided selling solution is just what you need if you want to use data to produce additional revenue, improved profitability, and a better overall experience for your customers. It can analyze enormous amounts of data and provide insightful results. It can provide precise recommendations for steps that might enable sales, managers, and especially executives to cooperate, coordinate, and maximize their performance. 

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