What is Salesforce Ecosystem: The 4 Vital Pillars That Drive It

What is Salesforce ecosystem

At the core of Salesforce’s success as a pioneering Cloud computing CRM lies its philosophy: providing value to the customer. Salesforce developed its business model built on partnerships which grew in leaps and bounds since its beginning, which we witness as the Salesforce Ecosystem today.  If you have been wondering what is salesforce ecosystem and how to drive your business on it, this article guides you.

Salesforce Ecosystem – Salesforce’s Signature Phenomenon

Since its inception, Salesforce has imparted massive significance to business partners in its success. For instance, Salesforce App Exchange depicts this signature approach vividly. AppExchange is the leading enterprise cloud marketplace that provides plug-and-play apps, solutions, and consultants that lets businesses leverage Salesforce into their functionality. Be it B2B or B2C, AppExchange offers solutions that solve every business pain point.

Similarly, the Slack-first Customer 360 suite streamlines operations, sales, service, marketing, commerce, IT, and analytics. Salesforce partners, for instance, Kasmo Inc., are Customer-360 experts committed to customer success.

Salesforce imparts the growth and the popularity of the Salesforce ecosystem to its four vital pillars: Salesforce Credentialed-Partners, Customer Engagement, AppExchange, and Salesforce Developers.

For a detailed understanding of what is Salesforce ecosystem, let us dive deep into each of these pillars – what they are and how they contribute to the success of the Salesforce ecosystem.

1.    Salesforce Credentialed-Partners

Salesforce partners play a pivotal role in the Salesforce ecosystem. The Salesforce Partner ecosystem is one of its kind in the business world. It comprises thousands of consulting partners, digital agencies, independent software vendors, and resellers that can solve business challenges using Salesforce solutions.

The Salesforce partners help build Salesforce solutions, offer a range of Salesforce training and certifications, and empower businesses to connect better with their customers. According to Salesforce statistics, 70% of Salesforce implementations are done by 132,000 credentialed Salesforce experts.

The Salesforce Partner Community is closely knit, where partners help and support each other to thrive, thus driving Salesforce’s success.

2.    Customer Engagement

Innovation has always been at the core of Salesforce principles. Salesforce encourages ideas and suggestions from its ecosystem in its constant effort to bring innovations that enhance the customer journey. Salesforce Idea Exchange is a hub specially designed for customer engagement and comprises 1.8 million Salesforce customers.

Every member of IdeaExchange can offer feedback, share new ideas about improving Salesforce solutions, and connect to grow together. Members can vote on ideas and new product features than enhance the value of the Salesforce offerings.

3.    AppExchange Marketplace

One of the advantages of choosing Salesforce as a CRM is its abundance of ready-to-use solutions in its AppExchange. Small and medium businesses choose Salesforce as their CRM for this distinctive feature.

To date, AppExchange recorded more than 4 million downloads, while 70% of Salesforce users have installed at least one app from the AppExchange.

Every solution on AppExchange is easily integrable into the existing enterprise systems. Companies can address their pain points through the wide range of apps on AppExchange. It is customary that businesses collaborate with Salesforce partners to make the integration smooth and faster. Ask our Salesforce experts should you require help during AppExchange app integration.

4.    Salesforce Developers

Salesforce is one of the lucrative career options for tech enthusiasts. Salesforce Trailhead is the fantastic playground for developers to kickstart their Salesforce careers and grow with badges and certifications.

The Salesforce Customer360 platform is a toolbox of app cloud services. It helps build Salesforce customer apps and applications quickly using its drag-and-drop inbuilt Salesforce Lightning Components.

Every year, the demand for Salesforce developers is rising with the growth of Salesforce. Businesses can beat the Salesforce talent crunch by partnering with proven Salesforce partners like Kasmo Inc.

The Growth in Salesforce Ecosystem

Driven by its four vital pillars that support its business mode built on innovation and engagement the Salesforce ecosystem is growing at an inspiring rate every year.

  • According to Salesforce financial reports, the global CRM leader has increased its revenue by 40% from a cloud-revenue backlog of 20 million USD.
  • In 2022, Salesforce has been awarded as the number one CRM globally consecutively for the 9th time.

Further, according to International Data Corporation (IDC), by 2026:

  • The Salesforce economy will generate 9.3M jobs and $1.6T business revenue.
  • The Salesforce partner ecosystem would grow to nearly 6X the size of Salesforce itself.

Let Kasmo help you grow on Salesforce

Salesforce provides endless possibilities to boost business growth and customer success. The technology offers innovative solutions that make your business innovation quicker, faster and safer.

At Kasmo, we own intensive experience in helping our customers with Salesforce Implementation, Support, and Development. Whether you aim at building solutions on the Salesforce platform or require implementation support, CRM add-ons, or Salesforce-based enterprise apps, Kasmo extends its support at every stage of your Salesforce journey.

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