Salesforce for Healthcare: How Salesforce benefits the healthcare industry?

Salesforce for Healthcare industry

With 150,000 global customers, Salesforce is a household name for businesses that thrive on CRM. The role of Salesforce in customizing user journeys, eliminating data silos, and smoothening stakeholder collaboration is unparalleled. One of its super-performing ranges of CRM platforms is Salesforce Health Cloud – a dedicated platform from Salesforce for Healthcare industry.  

Salesforce for healthcare: Why does the health industry need a dedicated CRM?

Healthcare is one of the most sensitive industries that demand data security, accessibility, and customer experience. Healthcare providers believe in value-first methodology to serve their consumers. However, regular CRMs not designated exclusively for this industry can often fail to help healthcare organizations realize this. Here is where the necessity for an exclusive CRM that solves the end-to-end healthcare challenges emerges.

In 2016, Salesforce launched a dedicated CRM for healthcare – Salesforce Health Cloud to revolutionize how healthcare providers offer services. The platform presents a 360-degree view of the patient data, thus empowering all stakeholders – patients, doctors, medical care providers, and caretakers to make knowledgeable decisions.

Salesforce Health Cloud uncovers patient needs, pinpoints care quality improvement opportunities, and enables hospitals to deliver patient-centric care flawlessly. If you have been wondering how Salesforce for healthcare is one-of-its-kind customer relationship management software, here are the exclusive benefits of Salesforce healthcare CRM that make it unique.

Make silos a thing of the past

Data siloes in the healthcare industry can be detrimental. In an ideal healthcare model, a medical care provider can access a complete health database of the individual to provide optimal treatment.

Additionally, individual information could be dispersed at various points – labs, previous medical records, marketing data, and insurance claims. An all-in-one platform that could help healthcare providers handle such dispersed data is the need of the hour.

Salesforce for healthcare enables data integration from disparate sources onto a single platform. MuleSoft Accelerator helps medical care providers to overcome data silos and allows seamless access to the information for effective decision-making. Caretakers can make better decisions and focus on patient recovery than sorting records and reports.

salesforce for healthcare industry

Enjoy data security, compliance and innovation

Modern cloud-based healthcare services demand flawless data security and compliance. Any breach can cost healthcare companies in terms of their reputation and revenue. Besides, data security flaws can threaten the patients’ lives and shatter the trust they imparted in the healthcare organization.

Salesforce CRM for healthcare industry ensures data control and privacy in adherence to HIPAA and HITRUST. The combination of Salesforce Shield and Health Cloud offers a secure platform to store and access patient data.

Besides, Salesforce for healthcare industry presents a massive opportunity for healthcare companies to innovate. The diverse range of AppExchange solutions allows medical care providers to expand their functionality without compromising security and compliance.

Maximize the data effectiveness

Data is best when gathered and analyzed instead of dispersed on various sources. Salesforce for healthcare industry provides tools equipped with dashboards driven by data-driven insights.

Driven by such data-rich tools, medical care providers can implement proactive measures for treatments, thus increasing and fast-pacing the recovery at reduced time, cost, and effort.

Along the same lines, caretakers can offer better post-discharge care, thanks to the data insights that guide them towards optimal caretaking.

Personalize consumer journey like never before

The power of personalization in gaining consumer trust is well-established. Due to sensitivity and privacy concerns, personalization can work wonders in the healthcare industry.

Salesforce CRM for healthcare redefines personalization in healthcare in various ways mentioned here:

  • Provides a unified patient data view and empowers marketing teams to enhance the customer journey by offering a closer look at their journey.
  • Live customer support and interactive query-solving become simplified with Salesforce CRM for healthcare. Thus, healthcare organizations can establish trust with consumers like never before.
  • The Customer Data Platform of Salesforce for healthcare offers seamless scalability and personalized experiences. In other words, organizations can sustain any disruption across the industry.
  • Healthcare providers can stay connected with consumers over diverse touchpoints and offer superior customer experience.

In other words, individuals can make empowered decisions with personalized healthcare services. However, healthcare providers can offer the expected range of personalization, leaving a ‘trust-decision-making’ gap. Here is where Salesforce for Healthcare empowers healthcare companies and individuals.

Summing Up

The pandemic taught us how critical it is for businesses to stay at the top of the game by leveraging technology. Critical industries such as healthcare can no longer ignore safe, secure, and unified solutions that allow them to stay resilient under unforeseen circumstances.

With Salesforce for healthcare, medical care providers can offer seamless customer experience, earn consumer trust faster and provide top-notch care. Salesforce CRM for healthcare permits intelligent data usage throughout the customer journey facilitating healthcare organizations to provide the global level of service the patients expect.

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