A Quick Guide to Salesforce for SMBs

Salesforce for SMBs

Amidst the ongoing digital-first evolution, Salesforce is one of the indispensable software for the digital transformation of businesses. What started as a communication channel between companies and customers, Salesforce is all equipped with diverse solutions that benefit businesses big and small. In these rapidly transforming times where small businesses are evolving into game changers, Salesforce can accelerate the growth of small and medium businesses like never before.

Salesforce plays a prominent role in the customer journey, one of the pillars of business growth. If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner keen on giving digital wings to your medium sized business, this article is your guide to understanding why Salesforce for SMBs is indispensable. Move on for deeper insights.

How Salesforce helps small businesses?

Often unforeseen roadblocks and limitations due to technology and resources can cause small businesses to lose opportunities. Some of the most common challenges of small businesses that hinder their growth are as below:

  • Generating high-quality and quantity leads
  • Siloed business workflow
  • Inadequate digital presence
  • Time and budget crunch
  • Productive work hours lost in low-value tasks
  • Dysfunctional customer service

Thanks to its variegated and affordable solutions, Salesforce and its ecosystem plays a crucial role in solving the challenges of small businesses, plus helping them achieve a lot more. A survey by Deloitte finds that Salesforce drives more than 30% of small businesses worldwide.

By switching to Salesforce, small businesses can:

  • Improve productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Scale without any hiccups
  • Benefit from AI-driven insights and recommendations
  • Data security and compliance
  • Time-saving due to Salesforce’s no-code and drag-and-drop features
  • Find qualifying leads from social media
  • Enjoy enhanced Return on Investment
Deloitte Study Salesforce Benefits Small Businesses

Today, small businesses are creating histories with their ability to think big, stay agile and focusing on customer journey to drive their revenue. Besides, their readiness to adopt technology aids in their business growth.

Here is where such SMBs can benefit from Salesforce, thanks to its varied offerings as below that effectively cater to their business needs:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

An integrated marketing solution from Salesforce, Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables small businesses to perform end-to-end marketing activities.

Marketers can create personalized content, marketing and advertising campaigns, with rich data insights from Marketing Cloud.

If you have been considering Salesforce for SMBs, Marketing cloud is the proven platform to reach a targeted audience either on the web or mobile through emails, social media, and campaigns.

Salesforce Service Cloud

As the name indicates, the Service cloud is a dedicated solution to enhance your customer service. With Service cloud, small businesses can offer world-class services to customers and enjoy increased retention and loyalty.

The features of Service Cloud — LiveMessaging, Email-to-Case, and Live Agent offer a low-cost channel to drive conversational and intelligence-driven service to customers.

Salesforce Opportunity Management

One of the vital aspects of a small business is its necessity to track and manage opportunities. Notable among the Salesforce CRM solution features – Opportunity Management, is a beneficial element of Salesforce for SMBs.

With opportunity management, small businesses can easily track the journey of a sales deal. Opportunity management provides a rich dashboard with insights into completed sales, potential future sales, or lost potential sales. With Opportunity management, small businesses can connect with prospects and close deals on the go.

Salesforce Essentials

Small businesses contemplating a multifaceted CRM can look no further than Salesforce Essentials. A widely recommended tool of Salesforce for SMBs, Essentials is a modern all-in-one CRM platform that offers sales and support functions.

The Essentials package comes at affordable pricing, provides access to five users each on sales and service, and is an ultimate start for small businesses eyeing to offer bespoke customer journeys.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Personalization in the customer journey is the new mantra to gain customer loyalty. Salesforce Sales Cloud allows you to capture customer attention effortlessly.

A complete solution of Salesforce for SMBs – Sales Cloud helps organizations break the status quo and customize the solutions according to customer needs.

Small businesses can find increased opportunities, boost their sales team productivity, create a quality pipeline with accurate forecasting and enjoy steady revenue. Organizations can also beat their resource crunch with Sales Cloud because it cuts down sales time and helps close deals faster.

Give wings to your small business with Salesforce!

The global leader in CRM has been adding diverse solutions to its range, catering to the needs of businesses of any size. From the widest range of Salesforce benefits, it is clear why industry giants leverage Salesforce for their customer success.

Integrating the software into a business is easier said than done. Various factors may arise that may impact choosing the right solution, thus hindering the effectiveness and ROI.

At Kasmo, we deliver expert Salesforce integrations to our global customers. Our Salesforce specialists assess your business needs, prepare the ground for the integration and offer expert help around the clock.

Whether you are a small business getting started or an established one wanting to expand your boundaries and reach global customers, Kasmo is your trusted partner for Salesforce implementation.

Drop a message and let our Salesforce experts handle your concerns. Get started now to give wings to your business with Salesforce!

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