Top 5 Salesforce Marketing Cloud Features

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We’ve covered the overview of Salesforce Marketing Cloud in our earlier blog. The CRM platform crafted for marketers offers an array of benefits by helping brands create and execute end-to-end digital marketing strategies. What makes this CRM software one of the most powerful and trusted global digital marketing platforms? Its ability to develop tailored customer engagements. 

The key element to ensuring the success of a marketing campaign is deep, comprehensive understanding of customers, their personas, and journeys to curate hyper-personalized campaigns. Such campaigns driven by data drive purchase intent, improve brand awareness and favorability, and ensure higher ROI. 

What are the key features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud that are enabling leading brands?

To simplify the entire marketing journey, build superior customer experiences, and enhance customer engagements, across devices and touchpoints. Omni-channel, connected experiences driven by data and consumer interests help marketers deliver personalized experiences. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Studios:

  • Email – This studio collates data from all sources like Sales and Service cloud, giving marketers a complete profile of customers. With an array of capabilities like automation and predictive analytics, Email Studio helps curate personalized email messages for every stage of the customer journey. The studio also has an in-built reporting tool that helps marketers analyse the performance of email campaigns.
  • Social – Engaging with customers on social media is an important part of marketing strategies in today’s world. With Social Studio, brands can seamlessly connect with customers across social channels. Social listening, posting, and engaging, to analyze consumer interests and track competitor campaigns. Get into the details of every comment on posts, listen to your audience, and use ML to tap into image recognition and sentiment analysis as well to enhance social media presence.
  • Advertising – A key aspect of all marketing strategies, creating and managing advertising campaigns is important to drive traffic, increase customer base, and track ROI. The Marketing Cloud Advertising Studio enables marketers to leverage customer data to optimize and run successful campaigns that aid in acquisitions and brand positioning. With Salesforce, the entire lead generation journey and lead nurture at every stage is simplified.
  • Web – Websites are a key element in both brand positioning as well as marketing campaigns. This studio helps create websites and landing pages with tailored messaging that customers resonate with. With inbuilt tools, all metrics can be tracked to enhance customer experience. Web Studio along with AI helps businesses move from the traditional static pages into dynamic web pages that have tailored messaging and predictive responses based on behavioural analysis.
  • Mobile – The Mobile Studio helps marketers engage in mobile-first communications with customers like SMS and push notifications, leverage geo-location for targeted campaigns, and drive more engagement on mobile applications. A connected experience enables customers to interact and make decisions in real-time and with Audience builder, marketers can target the right audience with relevant messaging. 

That’s not all. With Einstein, Salesforce enables you to leverage artificial intelligence. AI empowers marketers with data collated across all touch points, to create highly engaging content and drive higher conversions. Schedule a session with our Salesforce experts to explore Marketing Cloud and how you can effectively leverage this platform to boost customer engagements.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]